PeerAssets: Whitepaper


Are you saying here that it will be possible to mint with your PeerAssets or are you saying something else? In the whitepaper it says this, which seems to imply no minting…

PeerAssets does not participate in organizing nor maintaining of the public ledger, but takes advantage of its stability and trustworthiness.


No, you can use Proof of Stake in PeerAssets for other purposes.
E.g. to agree on trustworthy oracles (with stake in the organization).


hello,who can tell me the difference between Ardor and PeerAssets?Which one is better?
Thank you.



Ardor and PeerAssets are not really comparable. While both do deliver blockchain-as-service functionality they achieve so using different approach. Ardor is a blockchain network, a NXT 2.0. It is a niche product at best, a solution looking for a problem.
PeerAssets, on the other hand delivers matching functionality but as second-layer service on top of battle-tested Peercoin blockchain (5 years of uninterrupted uptime) and retaining compatibility with existing infrastructure of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and other popular coins.
Beside, PeerAssets work on any satoshi-style blockchain network like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and others while Ardor is a thing for itself limiting adoption.


OK,I got it,thak you very much.