Peerapps UI Competition (win PPC, code with web languages)


I’m happy to announce I’m kicking off a design competition for Peerapps, and its initial modules (Peerblog / Peermessage).

Peerapps is a platform that allows people to create data applications based off the peercoin blockchain - while not contributing to blockchain bloat.

Peermessage is the first application built on the Peerapps platform, and allows for distributed, pgp encrypted messaging with anonymous to addresses.

Peerblog is the second application built on the Peerapps platform, and allows for uncensorable blogging.

The backend is now fully functional, and I’m spending my time now working on robustness, preparing the binary build process, etc. Sunny and Sigmike are working on Peercoin v0.4.1 to support the rawtransaction json-rpc calls and op_return support Peerapps needs, and once that is out Peerapps will be released open source with binaries.

In the meantime, I wanted to get the community involved.

Peerapps runs a local webserver on a user’s machine, and its user interface is 100% written in basic web languages - moreover, the frontend is not embedded in the binary, but will be in a static folder next to the binary.

This means anyone who knows CSS/HTML/JS can mod it to their heart’s delight. Additionally, any UI built by the community can be inserted in as simply as a drag and drop operation. Pretty cool, eh?

I am proud to announce a Peerapps UI competition located here:

The competition will run until March 16th, at which time I’ll create a thread in these forums with a poll to vote for the winner. After about a week of voting, the top scorer will receive 90% of the funds in the peer4commit pool, and their UI will become the new default for Peerapps. The second place winner will receive the remaining 10% in the peer4commit pool.

If you go to the competition page, you’ll see the current user interface that I built. As you can see, I’m not particularly skilled at frontend development - so if you don’t want Peerapps to be stuck with a basic 3 column bootstrap UI, join the competition!

View the Github ReadMe for information on how to publish your mods to enter the competition.

If you aren’t going to enter the competition, please consider donating to the pot for the winner so we can get more quality entries. I’ll seed the pot with 100 PPC.

Thanks all, looking forward to seeing what comes out of this competition!

hmmm yeh this looks like the kinda data we want to be displaying and tracking on the mobile, very exciting and like what can be done in only and hour :slight_smile:


Emeth, did anything ever happen with this? It’s after March 16th now. I tried to hold a contest here before to try and come up with a nice design for our Peerunity client. The contest ended up getting no submissions with 3 weeks time given. I later realized by advertising it around that people don’t think contests are fair and would rather you hire somebody to do the work. I ended up just doing the design myself along with help from the community and SigmundAlpha. Here was the result by the way…

You may need to do the same thing here and find someone specific to work on it.

Sentinelrv - as with your contest, this one ended up getting no entries. No matter though - the UI I built is functional, and once people have a working app in their hands perhaps they’ll be interested in modding it then.

As soon as v0.4.1 is ready, I’ll release peerapps open source, and expand this peer4commit project to include the whole of PeerApps.