Anti-karl on Reddit suggested we build a tip4commit like website with peercoins. Other people were interested and gave donations so I worked on it.

Here it is:

Beside the change from bitcoin to peercoin, the only change is that the minimum payout is per project, not per user. So commiters will receive their PPC when the project reaches 1 PPC in tips to pay. I did that to keep a clean separation of project balances.

There’s also a testnet version if anyone wants to test it with fake peercoins.

Thank you. Now I can donate peercoins to the projects of my choosing to better the community

Good work, makes it easier to donate to specific projects.

Question, someone copied or moved a couple of projects to Are these still active?
Thought that we already had a blockchain explorer? Or is this just further improvements (commits) on the project? How would I know? The explanation in the link doesn’t make me much wiser.

Just a question from a github noob. Like to donate to something I understand :slight_smile: