Payment for contributions

Hey all

Just wanted to publicly clarify the tipping on peer4commit project regarding the work that TheWildHorse does.

Tip amounts are to be decided for a number of changes, I was just wondering if TheWildHorse had a lump sum agreement for the work and has been paid or if all these commits need to be offset some peercoins for the work. I see previous “Invoiced numbers” on distributions hence my thoughts to check

Many thanks and happy to sort distribute once clarified.


The invoicing was at the time was refurbished and TWH was hired and paid.
Now the website has been delivered there is no contract as far as I know. But given the work TWH does, it might be appropriate to encourage him to continue this important work. Just my opinion.

Awesome thanks for clarification, yes I agree twh should be paid for the work done since, ill look to distribute funds accordingly.


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