[Paying Gig] Looking to hire tutor assist w/wallet setup (over phone perhaps?)

I am requesting help with getting my XPM into a cold storage wallet of some kind but i am having difficulty and could use a lot of help probably. I am willing to pay XPM (or BTC) for assistance and would be grateful for it. I think i can make it worth someone’s time, especially if you’re a good teacher, since i would like to have a hot wallet too, and probably need some schooling on a few other points as well. If you respond, kindly let me know:

a) Name
b) Rough description of any qualification(s)
c) Are you in the lower 48 states? (in case a phone consult seems easiest way)
d) and anything else i forgot or that you care to share, including what you were looking to make, or any charge related info.

I am probably reasonably adept with a computer for a non-professional, but am used to macs. I plan to put the coins i get onto a pc laptop i have solely for this purpose though.

If there is an official-type place one can go to hire help with this, please do direct me, directly there.


I guess i’ll add this:
If you want to just give me a tip, i’m stuck on trying to get XPM block chain onto my clean laptop, but that clean laptop that i will hold the keys on is the only pc i have. All my other computers are macs, and i live in the sticks and everyone is poor as shit and doesn’t have any computers i can use basically. (I’m new to my neighborhood). Is there some way around this? I’ve been saving that laptop for this. There has to be a way around the problem.
Thank you everyone.

It would be helpful if you describe what you did and what happened here. I thought you can download the latest wallet and install and start it. After somedays the blockchain will download. The Help menu in the wallet will lead to the window that shows downloading progress.