Passphrase protection reminder

Can’t say this often enough. Make sure you have a safe passphrase for your Peercoin wallet ( )

A safe passphrase is not the one this guy used to secure his NXT account: He clearly has been hacked. Very brave to front up and share this with the community. Please let this be a warning for all of us. Use e.g. Keepass or Lastpass if you struggle with keeping track of complex passphrases.

The hacking method used won’t directly apply to the Peercoin wallet as they need to have a copy of your wallet.dat first e.g. access to your computer or wallet backup. With NXT your wallet.dat equivalent is basically on-line.

BTW I did raise a feature request for Peerunity v0.2 to have a virtual keyboard for additional protection of wallet. Probably not to enter full passphrase, but maybe last part of it or as a separate authentication layer