Pacli PeerAssets client

I’ve just released very early version of CLI PeerAssets client called pacli.
Implemented using pypeerassets Python library, this program is useful as companion utility during PeerAssets development. It is built for headless (CLI) usage via intuitive and easy to learn set of commands.


pacli -h

show all commands

pacli deck -search “My little pony”

search for deck called “My little pony”

pacli deck -list all

list all decks on the network

pacli deck -subscribe deck_id

subscribe to this deck to enable building a proof-of-timeline for the deck

I’ve tried my best to show the information in clear and user-friendly fashion.

pacli deck -search “MULTI”

will look for all decks with issue_mode = MULTI and results will look like this:

Support development of PeerAssets project: PAdonateFczhZuKLkKHozrcyMJW7Y6TKvw