(Outdated Thread) 2 Posts Are REQUIRED Before You Can Start Threads

(Note: This thread applied to our SMF forum and is not relevant for discourse)

2 Post Requirement:
You will NOT be able to start a new thread until you have replied twice on any thread. Use this thread to post once and then introduce yourself here. This requirement is to prevent forum spam. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sign up Questions:
Also, when registering to the forum, there are certain questions you must answer to prove you’re human. If the numbers in the questions are written out, the answers need to be written out as well. For example: Q: One plus one A: Two.

does posting here count as one of my two required posts to start a thread ? i am just looking to make an announcement about adding PeerCoin to our gaming site (all coin casino dot com). We have announcements on other coin forums, but figure it would be appropriate to mention it here as we have just added peercoin to the offering.

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I am the author of the upcoming new book called Cryptocurrency “The Alt-ernative” A Beginner’s Reference. I have completed the Peercoin section (four pages) to include within this book. Here is the preview section:

Any donations towards getting the book published are welcome: PPdMapGc4uBxUafofpvbgwqWgPWRfxW9FK

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