Our goals: #2 wallet enhancements

Regarding our topic “Goals - Let’s Outline our Short and Long Term Priorities” I opened this one to keep track of the wallet enhancements (#2).

For this I created a ppcoin fork with a new icon set.
I know this is not a big change but it’s a fist small step to show that this coin is different.
Source: https://github.com/Valermos/ppcoin
Changes: https://github.com/Valermos/ppcoin/commit/d20fc92b2d85c0da1749ba91c7e5318496347138

I’m not a graphic designer so I would suggest that we collect some more icon collections to vote for our favorite.

Are these changes ok?
Any other ideas?
Or shouldn’t we change the look & feel of the wallet?

My intention was to start a discussion about it. :wink:

It is good to see that you contributed to improving the wallet. The thing is that we’re expecting a v0.4 soon, so it is a bit unclear what the value of your contribution is at the moment.
There is a good chance that v0.4 has already a new icon set. So that might be the reason that you don’t get much discussion generated on this topic.

Also in other threads there have been many suggestions to change the look and feel of the wallet and add functionality. I did create a dream wallet thread myself based on all the suggestions I could find in the forum, but making changes to v0.3 doesn’t seem to make much sense until we know what is in v0.4.

However, you might spend your valuable time on some other projects not directly related to the wallet in the short term.
There is Android mobile wallet development, people working on getting more statistics and information out of the Peercoin blockchain, blockchain.info or Bitpay style wallets, faucets, paper wallets etc. Just have a stroll around and ask people in those threads, I would suggest.