Otohits.net 124,000+ points just for $2


Hi there ! I want to sell my otohits.net account. there are 124,000+ points in it. Want to sell it just for $1. Actually I want to buy a domain name and the thing is I don’t have a credit card. So if someone can please purchase a $1 .com domain from godaddy for me. I will give him this account in exchange. you can see here it’s the proof:

Moreover there is 2.65 Euro Left in my VPS Server. It’s mean it can go above 170,000+ until the credits go out.

I GUARANTEE it’s not a scam nor a advertisement.

To : [Admin / Moderators ] : Please if you think it should not be here, let me know I will delete it. but I assure you it’s not a scam nor a advertisement. Just want to sell my account.

If anyone intrested to buy it in exchange of $1 dollar domain, You can contact me at :

E-mail : razabuttoppo@gmail.com
Whatsapp : +923114390921