OS X Build for Peerunity

I’ve successfully built the latest Peerunity master branch (v0.1-rc) and assembled it into a distro that I’ll share with the community. I want to run it through a few more tests this morning, to make sure it’s working as expected, but once I’m back at home this evening, I’ll get the .dmg ready and linked for you all.

Glad you figured that out :smiley: I need to figure out how to get OSX in a VM now.

Peerunity-Qt-beta.dmg (v0.1, beta)
MD5: dfce4872fe117cd84e90c1c9ab31db9b

We’ve still got a couple of branding-related issues to address on the Mac client (namely, I need to use the Peerunity logo, rather than the Peercoin logo for the .dmg and .app icons), and I’d like to update the background for the .dmg directory with Peerunity-specific. I’ll address those in the near future, but if you notice anything else that needs to be updated, please post it here.

I’m away from my development environment for a couple of days, but if I can get some time, I’ll set it up on my laptop and try to build the daemon version of Peerunity. If I can get it done, I’ll post it here, too.


maybe it’s just me, downloading from the dropbox is so slow, would you consider putting it up somewhere else

Romerun, that’s the first I’ve heard of a speed issue, but if others are experiencing the same thing, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to find a better place (that’s also easy to access / manage).

Confirmed that it works on maverick