Opinions on this "dashboard" based interest platform?

hi guys
I’ve been browsing hard lately for sites that offer an ability to invest ppc and other cryptos like btc in return for interest.
With the recent ltc pumps, many people have made a load of money from shorting, so I believe it is possible to earn pretty large returns from such strategies.
I stumbled across https://coinclockworks.com who offer two options, affiliate and investing. 5% commission for bringing in investors, and 1% hourly interest hourly for investors.
site accepts both ppc, nu, and xpm…and like 50 other currencies which is definitely different.
I won’t post my affiliate link just yet as i’m unsure if it is allowed and I don’t want to come across as if I am promoting, just looking for opinions. so far it’s been paying me but want to see what you guys think.

Just be ware that lot of these sites spring up, hard to tell if a genuine one or just straight scam from off, and even if they do payout they usually disappear with people loosing money.

You can’t make money from doing nothing


Hi,If anyone can guide that do we need to have own computer or device is it possible to rent rig and then mine peercoin …?
as I saw some website allow to rent rig for couple of hours or day and we can mine peercoin as it required POW proof of work
Your answer will be appreciated

Still up, running, and paying for me.

Great, here’s my opinion.

This is a scam and you will lose your money. I don’t even need to click the link. Here is the logic:

  1. If this return were a legitimate investment, then the operator(s) of the website would be interested in investing themselves, and would not open it to the public. They would borrow money through traditional channels, and keep the return for themselves.
  2. The investment is open to the public.
  3. Therefore, the investment is not legitimate.

This logic can be applied to any investment with “guaranteed” absurdly high returns. A typical high-risk return in today’s market is 5% to 20% annually. Annually. That means, per year. What is that, on an hourly basis? Hmmm…

Therefore, this investment is not legitimate. That’s my friendly warning. :slight_smile:

Question: Where does the money come from, to pay the return for other investors?
Answer: You.

Sorry, but this is (almost for sure) also a scam. Think of it this way: why would the owner of the rig rent its power to you, instead of collecting the peercoin for themselves? Three possibilities:

  1. They charge more in rent than the rig can mine. You shouldn’t rent, because you would not earn a profit.
  2. They charge less in rent than the rig can mine. They would stop renting, and keep the mining reward themselves.
  3. The rig doesn’t exist. They take your money and disappear.

#1 means it’s a bad deal. #2 is illogical. I think #3 is the most likely.