Opensource Primecoinpool serversoftware - xpt protocol


as the title says i opensourced the candypool software here:

This software has been testet with 100k workers at once and it handled it fine.
It is only working on linux and there can be bugs in it.
Read the README carefull.

It is a modified version to be used for a private pool.
So the worker managment stuff and the PPLNS system is missing or commented out.

What miners can be used ?
Every miner that supports the xpt protocol ( everyone that works with ypool. You just need to find a way to redirect it to your ip, build your own or discover the secret parameters… )

Lets give that ypool guy some competition :wink:


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shit u sell me 1 btc this source code 2 day ago now u open soure >:(

Did you know he proclaimed that he would open source it before you offered to pay him for it?


You didn’t wanted to wait so…

Would you please also include Riecoin support, it would be a great addition.

[quote=“SuperComputer, post:6, topic:2202”]

Would you please also include Riecoin support, it would be a great addition.[/quote]


this is not on my list. Sorry :frowning:

thank you for your pool source, i get error when connect.

xptClient_processPacket_client2ServerPing(): Parse error
xpt: Disconnected, auto reconnect in 10 seconds
xpt: Logged in
Message from server: Welcome and happy XPM mining!

cloud u please opensource your datacoin pool?

[s]i cant compile the source for the wallet that was given. i get this error and im not quite sure what it means

/bin/sh …/share/ obj/build.h
/bin/sh: 0: Can’t open …/share/
make: *** [obj/build.h] Error 127

i tried make -f makefile.unix and make.

Edit: a bit more information: im using a ubuntu 13.10 64 bit server

and i get this message if i try to chmod +x the

chmod: cannot access ‘./’: No such file or directory[/s]

to candypool: your source you uploaded isnt complete. it is missing the share directory and without manually adding that it will not compile correctly

Thank you very much candypool!


I have downloaded your sources and run primecoind with success, for now i’m waiting to find my first block …
I have already some questions about POOL_DIFFICULT value and fee calculation, but i’m going to start a new thread for that.

Best regards.