Opening cold storage into Peerunity

Good Morning!

This is my first post and by the title of my topic you can probably tell that I am a little challenged.

I set-up an PPC address and have the private keys and now I need to go ahead and learn how to send my coin from the cold storage address to my Peerunity wallet.

I have about a year and half experience with crypto but have never created a cold storage address offline before until now. But now that I have my PPC on the blockchain, how do I move it into my wallet?



I hope I’m getting you correctly… I’m assuming you’re having this private key stored as a QR code.
You could try scanning the QR code (if you have one) with the android wallet for Peercoin.
Then you would have it directly in your android wallet.

Or you could scan the QR code with any application you have on your mobile device and import the private key over the console with “importprivkey.”

Last not least… If you’re having the key as plain text, just import it via the console like in the step above.

If you are not in a hurry to send your coins, you can use the latest peerunity to check how many coindays your stash has accumulated (to be precise, how many coindays the transactions in your stash have accumulated ) with the “mint” “minting” page. Then you can use the POS calculator to see if your coindays have a good chance to get POS reward quickly.
Note that if an transaction does find a block, the associated coins will be locked for 520 blocks (~3 days) during which time you can’t send them.

edit: label “mint” should be “minting”

I am not in any hurry at all.

I have the private keys as text.

I have the peerunity wallet on my laptop.

What do I do?

Open Peerunity
click Help -> Debug window -> switch to Console


importprivkey yourprivkey 

press enter.

It could take a few moments but now that private key should be added to your wallet.

Thanks I will try that. :slight_smile:

I confess I am pretty fickle when it comes to alt coins. Its hard to know where to be. I have about 6000 PPC. I bought it at around $1.50 each. Nubits pulled me in. Now I am officially a bagholder. I figured out I am not much of a day trader. I got lucky with Bitshares and made a big profit.

I think now … the “custodial” label on Nubits as not being truly de-centralized and having some risk exposure if the custodians bailed out is what is unclear.

“Hedgy” … a new Bitcoin idea interesting that trys to stabilize Bitcoin price. They too, make the distinction that they are not a “custodial” model.

As a bagholder, now … (please don’t be offended by my attitude) …

how do you respond to those who do not look at the “custodial model” in a favorable light?

… since I am not a coder … I am not able to appreciate crypto design … I am just a speculator …

Hello again.

I tried puting in my private as you described and I get this message

Invalid private key (code -5)

Do you know in what exact format this key has been stored? There are different ways to encrypt the private key.

How did you create the paper wallet?


I believe I went to a blockchain web site and made a brainwallet which generated a private key.

I have checked the public address and my funds are sitting there.

Now I just want to send them some place else.

I think you need to convert the private key into a different format.

Can you please count the lenght of your private key string?

Maybe your paper wallet didn’t store it as a “WIF” (wallet import format) but as short key, which you can’t use in the RPC console.


There is a “decoding” paragraph, you could try.

Edit 2:

Step 2 seems to provide a quite good explanation on how to convert mini keys to WIF.

it has 51 characters … I was not aware that a private key could have multiple formats.

where it says importpvtkey on the command line I put the private key after the “importpvtkey” with one space after the command correct?


I must have typed it in wrong or something the first time.

thank you for your help