Open Source XPM Pool + GPU Miner (aka. madPrimeMiner)

Yes! It is now open source!


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Maybe you know me from my other thread where i launched a new XPM pool + GPU miner:

If yes, you also know that it failed because of DOS attacks and other general server problems.

I’ve now decided to go open source, with the pool server and the GPU miner.
Now everyone with the expertise can create an XPM pool and also create new miners that work with the same protocol.
Also anyone with basic bitcoin code knowledge can make a solo-miner out of it.

The pool server code is located at:
And the GPU miner code is at:

Please use this thread to discuss and/or ask questions about the code.

If you like my work you can donate XPM to:

Hey madMAx,

Thanks for all your work on this miner and especially for open-sourcing it!

We’ve just launched a new XPM mining pool,, that’s compatible with xolominer, which built on top of your work here. The pool honors the 1% dev fee built into xolominer that’s paid to you, and otherwise has a 0% pool fee during the launch.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

  • the team

Some information, open source miner project is alive, see
Latest miner version for Windows & Linux:
Source repository:
Instructions for pool mining:

  1. Download miner package
  2. Rename xpm.config.txt to config.txt
  3. Put your XPM wallet here:
# Your XPM payout address address = "blablabla";
Also you can setup GPU engine and memory clocks 4) Run xpmclient.exe on Windows or xpmclient if you use Linux.

Pool moved to new address:
Valid miner config is:

server = ""; port = "6666";

Basic NVidia support added, see

Some mining news, 14ch share found by pool, block height is 1144207.