One String Miner 30+ or 60+ GHs [SOLD]


I have a special offer for the PeerCoin fans. At my store I have some One String Miners for sale, these are great and efficient miners, easy to set up, choose your own PSU and Fans and make it as efficient and low-noise as you want. The miners already have a nice price I think but I can give members of this forum a special discount of 30% ! Check out our website and if you want to order use couponcode: ppc30off* to receive a 30% discount on the One String Miners.

You can pay with PPC and several other crypto coins or by Bank transfer in Euro.

* 30% discount only applies on One String Miner products. Max 1 coupon per user/customer. Shipping is not included in the price.

One String Miner 30+ GH/s

One String Miner 60+ GH/s

My review of the OSM:

[size=20pt]!! MEGA SALE !![/size]

[size=12pt]One String Miner 30+ GH/s now 40 euro -/- 30% coupon = 30.77 euro ;D<1 Euro/GHs *
One String Miner 60+ GH/s now 80 euro -/- 30% coupon = 61.54 euro ;D <1 Euro/GHs **[/size]

* = we achived hashrate 34 up to 38 GHs
** = we achived hashrate 68 up to 70 GHs


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