Old PPcoin wallet

So, i mined a coin back in 2014 called PPcoin, atleast that is what I called my wallet. Now google tells me, this has become peercoin. So i download peercoin client, replace the wallet.dat that comes with the installation with my old encryted one after blockchain is up to date, and restarts client.
But nothing happens, or… there is no coins in the client and it does not ask me for my password. I have no idea how many i had, but proberly > 0.

Is there a way to fix this, and load my old wallet.dat?

Open your wallet.dat with the client that is able to open it and read the addresses stored in it (it doesn’t matter if balances are displayed correctly)

In the debug window or RPC console, export all the private keys for every address that contains coins using: dumpprivkey <your_address>

Store these keys safely, anyone with access to those can spend your coins.

Start the latest peercoin client without wallet.dat file, it will create an empty one.

When fully synced, import your private keys one by one in the debug window or RPC console using:
importprivkey <your_private_key>

Thanks for the tip. So i downloaded older clients from https://sourceforge.net/projects/ppcoin/files/
I tried 0.4.0, 0.3.0, and 0.2.2, but none of them ask me for the password for the encrypted wallet.dat when I open them, they just show 0 PPC, and start to update the blockchain. It seems RPC console was introduced in 0.4.0. My wallet.dat is from 2014-05-22 and the 0.4.0 client is from 2014-04-07.

Can I find my <your_address> even if I dont provide my encrypted key?

So you can’t get your wallet to work with any client? That’s difficult to diagnose, cause the wallet could just be corrupted or something.

I have ~70 copies of it though, tried today with a solarcoin wallet, and it worked flawless (the solarcoin client asked for my encrypted password once i opened it). Should it ask for my password once i open the ppcoin client?

have you tried a -rescan?

It won’t ask for your password upon opening, only if you try to do something like send a transaction.

Now that I think about it, if you aren’t getting an error and it doesn’t create a new wallet.dat file anywhere, it’s probably loading the wallet. Try irritant’s solution of a rescan.

you have to download latest releases from github, source forge hasn’t been updated in ages.

Go to the official peercoin website: https://peercoin.net/ . On the wallets page choose your os and that should download V0.6 of peercoin core for your os. Next startup the wallet and shut it down as soon as it loads. After this go to the peercoin data folder (wherever it is located on your os, on mac it is under application support) find wallet.dat and delete it. Next copy and paste your backed up wallet.dat file from 2014 into the peercoin folder.

Restart the peercoin wallet and it should start to sync. After syncing you should have access to your old ppc wallet.

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