Old 2014 wallet

Hi Everyone,

Tried to look around the forums but haven’t found a solution. I’m on a Mac and found an old wallet.dat file from 2014 from the old days of mining. Don’t think I have much if anything on it but still want to check it out.

How can I import the wallet into the wallet? I downloaded an old wallet V4.8.5 but don’t see an “import” or “recover” - How can I add my wallet remember I’m on a Mac.

I’m not even sure what I’m reading above.

Do you need to import the wallet? My understanding is that, once you have synced the blockchain, you can swap the newly created (empty) wallet.dat for your original wallet.dat, within the Peercoin directory.

Maybe this will help you out; https://www.reddit.com/r/peercoin/comments/2j5jpz/wallet_file_on_a_mac/

From there you just overwrite the wallet.dat file and when you load your wallet it should appear.

I’ve done this with a wallet file from Peerunity on a separate computer, transfered it to the new v0.6.1 I downloaded on my Mac.

Although you do mention v4.8.5, I’m not familiar with that, I may be wrong here.

I replaced the wallet.dat fill after finding it on the mac with the instructions above. Nice surprise to find 71 coins in the wallet.