"offline" Mining

Hi guys,

I want to mine with a machine A which is not directly connected to the internet. But it does have an LAN connection to a machine B, which is connected to the internet.

Internet---------Machine B------------MachineA

Is it possible to connect the buildin miner of machine A to the Wallet of machine B? I don’t want to install routing software on machine B.

I already created a primecoin conf on Machine B

rpcuser=user rpcpassword=password gen=1 server=1 daemon=1 rpcallowip=*

How Do I tell machine A to connect to Machine b?

I hope it´s clear, what is my problem :wink:


Got mining working! just added connect= to the primecoin.conf. Now the wallet is connected to the primecoin network with 1 connection. But I´m still interested in getting my “private pool” here and connecting several machines to mine with one wallet. This would make it unnecessary to send the coins to my main wallet after getting mined. Wondering if this is possible?

as the miner is inbuild to the qt u prob can’t do this atm… otherwise u would point ur mining at ip (url) or something similar depending which machine running the client… tbh would be easier to setup network between the computers and try that way, or just hook up internet for the pc without it!!

Thx for clarifying that. So I will mine as descriped above( in the update), till ther is a dedicated CPU-miner.

I just tested Mumus miner, which I found on bitcointalk:


BE CAREFUL! It is an unofficial hack of the ypool miner.

Since I get way higher PPS and also (not so much) higher 5 Chains/h compared to HP8 I wanted to use it. That works fine on ypool. But overall I think with the current difficulty solomining is more efficient. I wanted to try solomining with it. Therfore I tried to connect to the wallet instead of ypool. But it didn´t get a connection. I also couldn´t find anything in the debug.log of the wallet. Is someone able to help here? maybe I´m missing something? Or is it not possible to solomine with this miner?

No current version of jhPrimeminer (Cabin’s, Mumus’ and mine) does support solo mining. But I have talked with Mumus and we are both interested in adding support for solo mining. You can expect this feature soon.

Thanks for that! Looking forward to it.

Edit: Just testet Mumus new build (v4) and got an additional 25% improvement on PPS and also on 5chains/h. It is now definitely the most effectiv miner out there. Would love to get solo mining support, so I can run it on my “big machines”.