Official Update - NYT Article

We are live:

We’re all looking forward to reading it soon, whenever that may be. :slight_smile:

If we do an interview and don't verify the source, we'll be accused of making up the information

This gets my vote. I don’t see a benefit of posting things to BTC-e’s trollbox, though. They are publicly available here, and if anyone’s really interested in trading crypto, they will visit here to see what we’re talking about.

Once an article is posted, feel free to add it to trollbox :slight_smile:

Never, ever, divulge the name or media outlet who you did the interview with for these very reasons.

Simply say “Been interviewed by a major newspaper, article should be out later this week, stay tuned for details”

Then AFTER it has been published, printed, broadcasted whatever, then link to it as proof of your earlier statement that an interview was done.

Whoever is not involved or quoted in the interview itself, should not be told anything more than that public has been told either. That includes volunpeers or anyone else.

So the steps should be:

a) Person(s) does the interview

b) You can mention an interview was done on the forum, but be purposely vague about everything. Simply state a news article or whatever is expected to show up and more details will follow later. People like to get the latest scoop, and it encourages use of the public forums for this type of thing. BUT DO NOT give exact details like who the newspaper is, or what the reporter’s name is…

c) AFTER the article appears, then you can mention it with a link.

This is a common courtesy for the media that any publicist will tell you. They like to have their secrets too, and they certainly don’t want their competitors in media to know in advance what they are publishing or going to publish.

If you violate this code of ethics, you could ruin Peercoin’s chances of be publicized as often, so please be careful.

  • If we do an interview with a major publication and don’t announce it until last minute, some will accuse us of holding back info.

Accusations should be a non issue. If there is a public forum post here about the article. It is up to each individual to take personal responsibility to keep up with activity. If a person doesn’t they have only themselves to blame. (forum post and not chat because chat logs are invisible to non admins). People can still make accusations but if those accusations make no sense that’s on them, not us

  • If we do an interview and don’t verify the source, we’ll be accused of making up the information

Non-issue, the actual published article is all the proof that matters. No need to boast before an article is published. Just link real articles once they are up and live. Boasting courts pushback. no one can argue with real results. Only hate on them :wink:

  • If we do an interview and share the info, we run the risk of people trying to get inside information

Our policy should be to not make any effort to share anywhere outside of this forum until articles are live. We should strive to talk liberally about them here to avoid issue #1 above. Then only after publication post article links on other chats and forums. No need to even comment, just say “PPC covered by [insert publication name]”

We do the above consistently and we will certainly be all good and maintain as strong reputations as possible in this unfortunately overly trolling age :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to not announce anything until the publish date. If we reveal something to the forum, it’s the same as announcing it public… we have plenty of competition that hangs around the forum.

We could say something like “Interview complete with major publication” internally and leave it at that. I’m completely fine with that approach. Unfortunately, it goes against the open nature of this community, however, it looks like it’s needed going forward.

Holding back info is important in the media industry until such time it is published or broadcasted.

Verifying the source AFTER it has been published or broadcast will show credibility to your announcements over time. Don’t worry about that part.

Inside information is something everyone is constantly looking for and should be avoided. This public forum is the lastest “publically available” information, so it is not considered “inside” information.

Only communicate things that the public has a fair chance of knowing by reading these free forums.

But do respect the journalist in not conveying what article he/she is about to publish or broadcast until it is done. For they may decide to ditch the article at the last minute according to what the editor decides before they go to the printing press.

We just have to trust whoever does interviews in the future, whether it’s me or another community member, they won’t use that information to capitalize on buying coins while the rest of the market isn’t privy to the information.

We keep completely quiet and trust those that put the time to do the interviews/articles… that’s my vote.