Official Peerunity Linux packages


In last week or so I have been working on delivering official and properly built Linux packages for Peerunity wallet, following request by Ben (

I am quite close to final solution, which should deliver automated builds for all major Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora/Red Hat, Open Suse, ArchLinux) along with dedicated repository (PPA) and GPG signed packages on various architectures.
This will lift this responsibility from Peerunity developers and enable users to easily install and update Peerunity through standard channels in form of repository.
Think of having to install Peerunity with sudo apt-get install peerunity on your desktop or Raspberry Pi.

You can track my progress on:

As you can see I have finalized Fedora and ArchLinux packages but due to some nonstandard stuff with latest stable Peerunity build picky Debian tools fail.
To finalize this I need Peerunity issues #168 and #172 fixed.

Thanks for the effort!

Yep, thanx for all your work, peerchemist!

Excellent. I echo the sentiments of those above.

Good work, as always!

Anything for the new raspberry pi 2?