Official "Peercoin Accepted Here" Merchant Badges

Alright guys, I had my designer Lightning make us up a full set of official merchant badges that say “Peercoin Accepted Here.” There are small versions, medium, large/high resolution, transparent, light & dark, with & without shadow, gold borders, all gold, thick & thin borders, etc… There is A LOT in here. The ones I had made up are in the 1st folder called “Main Set.” I also included several alternate sets that were created by community members, including the minimal versions of the logo. You can download the full set and see examples below. There are many more files in the download than what is shown below…

[size=12pt]Download Full Set Here:[/size]



[size=18pt]Large/High Resolution:[/size]


Looks really really good.

Very nice, and a lot of choice

Really sexy…maybe I just like “bling”, but the gold ones are where its at.

That’s really nice, thanks for sharing.

I was trying at one point to make a merchant tools page for people to use as reference…

its only what i quickly threw up back in the day but i should add these better image layout files for dl etc