Obtaining Social Media Pages for Peercoin

This thread was originally about obtaining the Facebook Peercoin page, but if there are any other pages we need to obtain on popular social media websites, post about them below and when we obtain them, I’ll include them in the list below. Unfortunately, www.twitter.com/peercoin is already taken, but if there are any others, let’s get them before others do.

[b]Owned Social Media Pages:

I can’t, I’m at work all night and they don’t allow Facebook on the computers. I just checked it on my phone and it seems available. Somebody else here will have to reserve it for us. Just make sure to call the page Peercoin with a capital “P” and not peercoin and make the link www.facebook.com/peercoin.

Besides, nobody else can see this board, so I think we’re safe for a little bit.

Don’t worry guys, I just picked it up. Currently have it unpublished (not publicly visible), will transfer it over to whoever we decide is running our social media presence!

I was actually given permission to post updates by the owner of the ppcoin page. I’ve never talked to him. Somebody recommended me after the logo contest and I accepted his invite, although I’ve never actually posted anything on there. Whenever the website is completely setup and the Facebook page is up and running, I could make an announcement on the ppcoin page for people to like the Peercoin Facebook page also, that way we get some instant likes.

Good plan! As I’m thinking about this, I thought I remember Sunny saying that he prefered to keep the client name as “PPCoin”. We should make an effort to convince him that the community is solidly behind “Peercoin” right now. The past couple weeks have been pretty amazing watching everyone switch their language to Peercoin, and I think it would be great to keep that momentum going.

Also just noticed www.facebook.com/Bitcoin only has 36 likes. We’ll fly by them in a week I bet.

Are there any other social media websites we should be reserving names for? I personally only use Facebook.

I believe it might be some work for him to change the name in the client. It’s probably all written into the code, but I’m not a programmer so what do I know? I agree with you though. Maybe we should ask it in one of the next interview questions.

Also, I wish we could hurry and switch this forum over to PeercoinTalk.org. I imagine doing so will break all kinds of links all over the internet. If that’s the case, it would be better to do it sooner rather than later when this place becomes more popular. What do you think?

Only 36? How is that even possible?

Is there a Chinese version of Facebook? I think it would be worth it to grab Peercoin there if so. Maybe we have someone on our Chinese board that can help with that.

Agreed, peercointalk.org would eliminate confusion. The important thing with a brand is to maintain consistency, so all of our external-facing communications channels should have the same name.

And as far as the 36 likes for BTC goes, I have no idea…there must be a different Bitcoin page somewhere else that grew quicker.

Fuzzy already owns Peercointalk.org, so he would have to be the one to make the switch. I mentioned it to him about a week ago, but I haven’t heard anything about it since.

I turned this thread into a list we can make of owned social media pages in case we need anymore. Let me know if we obtain anymore and I’ll add them to the list.

I have taken “peercoin” account registered on weibo.com, Chinese twitter.


Suggestions for twitter:



I have taken “peercoin” account registered on weibo.com, Chinese twitter.


Added to the first post. Is somebody going to be put in charge of organizing all these pages?

[quote=“JustaBitofTime, post:12, topic:476”]Suggestions for twitter:


I like officialpeercoin better, since it’s more…official sounding. It separates us from the fake pages.

I messaged the owner of http://www.youtube.com/peercoin to see if he would work with us or even transfer us the account to use. I’ll let you know if I hear back.


have been claimed by me. OfficialPeercoin was too long for Twitter so I used PeercoinPPC instead. If people have better ideas for the Twitter handle I can always change it.