Number of Peercoin nodes in the network as of today 14 January 2014

Just noticed that we only have about 2600 nodes in the network and just 312 active according to this site:

Does anyone know if that is an accurate number? Or has some statistics on this?
Sounds pretty low, did find my own IP in the list BTW Just click on the numbers and then your country to find yours.
(and yes, I did encrypt my wallet while trying to mint, especially now I know my IP is published as being a Peercoin node, and might wait minting any further till the lock issue is fixed)

Just wondering as this low number might influence the formulas for the advanced PoS calculator being worked out in another thread.

[size=10pt]I think it is low as compared to other coins for these reasons:[/size]


  1. Smaller Block Chain & Sync[/b] The Peercoin block chain remains much smaller than most coins as a result of the 0.01 transaction fee. As a result, opening up your client and re-syncing to the network doesn’t take as long after it has been offline for several days. So people leave it offline.

2. Quick Transfers / Storing Wealth Most people aren’t constantly in their wallets moving coins around so they leave their wallets closed most of the time. By design, this isn’t a coin for buying/selling products, it is for storing wealth. When they do open a wallet to move wealth they sync to the network quickly, and make a single transfer move to/from an exchange and close their wallet. So they show up on the network, stay 10 minutes, and then disappear for a week or two.

3. Minter in 0.3 / No Live Stats Since proof-of-stake is kind of cumbersome and the current GUI wallet has no bells and whistles (and the locked wallet 0.3 transfer coin issue), people aren’t actively minting. This will change in 0.4 and future wallets if we give enough “live” feedback and progress about the minter while it’s working, and it’s progress… As a result, 0.3 people aren’t encouraged to leave it online

This last one, #3 is the issue we really need to be paying attention to with wallet development. It will encourage more wallets to be left online, and part of the network. If the minter can relay back what’s happening on the network to the wallet client every time the user pushes an “update minting stats” button, that would encourage them to leave the wallet online more often.

Initially I had thought that the minter stats should continually and automatically update on the gui wallet, but that will consume cpu cycles, and if the user is away from their computer, that would be a waste of processing power to provide that… But if they push an “update minting stats” button on the wallet, it could then talk to ppcoind and get the latest incremental counter statistics, etc.

People like stats. Including current block numbers, block minting attempts / vs successes, transactions to be included in next block, etc, etc. whatever stuff we can provide might help.

So let’s just focus on #3 above. This will encourage more people to keep their wallets live and on the network, so they can actively watch it humming away minting.

What do I need to have in my peercoin.conf file to run as a full node? Do I just need to set maxconnections to a larger number, or is there something else I should be doing?

From experience you just show up as a full node being on the network with an ordinary client (v0.3 wallet with Peercoins) after say 24+ hours (in my case). So I don’t think you need to do something particular than just staying on-line with it.

@PPCman, you’ve got some good points there, really hope v0.4 wallet will improve situation

Live Stat should definitely increase the number of peers, and should not be difficult to implement