Nuclear War on Crypto-currencies

Nuclear War on Crypto-currencies
November 17 2016, New York

Today USA-Russia-China-France-UK declares Nuclear War on Cryptos, the reason is simple that from as early as 2009, BTC and other coins have been trying to threat governments’ mintage which is one of the most foundation of a country’s sovereignty. Governments accuse those financial anarchists are distorting social rules: tax evasion, money laundering, and other severe criminals. From WWII, for the first time, Keynes economics is in danger. So now it’s time to counteract BTC and its followers.

The BTC price drops sharply from $5000 to $100 in dark markets, since holding and trading is illegal and mining rigs forbidden to manufactured and exported/imported. All the related softwares are being removed from sites, and NSA begins to scan on the internet searching BTC terminal especially mining rigs. Whoever holding BTC/altcoins is requested to sell to government on cheap price before the deadline and after that date holders will be put into prison. An officer who did not want to be named said that governments next step is to eliminate the hashrate(accounting system) on internet, these five countries have built a huge mining factory with 200P SHA256 hashrate equipped with intel best 10nm techinology to 51% attack the BTC system. TSMC and other OEMs have refused to accept rigs orders. Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim cook expressed his support for governments and is providing BTCer’s email data to NSA which is interpretated as apple’s fiat payment system huge positive sign.

Governments had been preparded for a long time for this action codenamed"Chernobyl", and elaborately selected this time when BTC reward halving. The most critical target is to lower BTC price far below miners’ profit line. Analysists said the situation is desperate for Bitcoin because the hashrate plumbed to around 80P , mining is neither profitable nor legal. Panic has been widely spreaded, lots of crypto holders find they are “bankrupt” in the morning, LTC price is near zero, 99% altcoins being slaughtered which demonstrated the fact 80% people in the market are just speculators not crypto-believers and they are busying in handing in their cryptos to minimize their loses. This situation reminds us the roosevelt gold confiscation act in 1933, after 83 years, the electro version gold----BTC----comes to the same foreordination.

Naturally there are always resisters, bitcoin foundation members shows their support to BTC and accuse government’s unconstitutionality. But contending with words are meaningless, action is the key. Ironically, one altcoin named Annocoin(claimed anti government from begining) has been finished quickly because their brittle Scrypt arithmetic of POW(proof of work). Since one ANC now is as low as $0.01 and that unprofitable situation evaporated most hashrate and easily killed by governments GPU farm. Peercoin, on the other hand, has POS (proof of stake) system depending on no hashrate but it’s lack of TOR leading to its finality.

An officer from IMF said that this world wide action is just like a sterilizing which could kill 99% of crypto-virus, we can call it one triumph of governments and Federal Reserve, however, it is possible that some rare variants could live under such nuclear clouds. Some geeks claim today that an altcoin called Xcoin are still living and increasing. This coin is a hybrid-variant of PPC and ANC, namely their POS accounting system is hidden in the darknet with TOR support. “This is really a hard nut to crack” said by this officer, “We can not eliminate it easily and the future depends on the battle between governments and POS-TOR type cryptos, if we fail, the paper money will become history. ”

Some Conspiracy theory believers said that the bitcoin is a revenge from Japanese consortium for the famous Plaza Accord 1985. The wirepuller of bitcoin is Japan zaibatsu who is very hostile to so called Dollar Hegemony.

Report by James B, BBC news.

cool stuff keep it coming 8)

Coin fan fiction. Love it. Hopefully it isn’t too prophetic. I’m all for government attacks. The greater the evolutionary pressure, the faster the true free market will adapt and make monopoly systems look redundant.

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