******* Nov 6 - Main PR Thread ******* We're LIVE

[OPEN] Item 1: Please make an on-topic comment while also mentioning Peercoin in the articles below. No need to spam, read the article and see how you can relate Peercoin. It’s takes a just a minute to create an account at each publication, thank you for helping!


Article -> “Bitcoin is soaring in price”

Sample Response ((DO NOT USE - Just an EXAMPLE)) -> “It’s nice to see the public finally starting to learn about top cryptos such as Bitcoin and Peercoin (PPC)”


  1. Make a comment under each article
    A. See the sample above
    B. Not sure what else to include? Talk about Trekcon, talk about our active community, talk about Peercoin being energy efficient…

  2. Keep track of the user accounts you created for each article (makes it easier next time)

  3. When complete, please let us know in the comments below

Just posted this to Reddit, please upvote:


Also posted to the Facebook page. Please like, comment and share:


Please upvote and comment




ABC News


Business Insider

MTGox Exchange (request support of Peercoin (PPC) on their exchange)

Star Trek Reddit



Kevin Rose tweeted about Peercoin!


He has 1.5mil followers…be sure to reply to his tweet!

Reference -> http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=815.0


[OPEN] Item 2: Comment under the CoinDesk article that covers Peercoin/Primecoin



[OPEN] Item 3: Comment on the press release at Bitcointalk and CryptoCoinTalk



[OPEN] Item 4: Please take a minute to write a well thought out response to Kevin Rose’s Twitter (1.5 million viewers, Digg)



[OPEN] Item 5: Please respond to twitter list



[OPEN] ** Item 6 Live - Comment on our Bitcointalk Newsletter - Meaningful posts only


[OPEN] Item 7: ONLY for Official Volunteers - Please blast out an email using our media list:



prime_peer (great idea concerning the Star Trek Reddit)

Nice to have you with us. Items #1 and #3 are live, dig in!


"I’d like to help, but I am not really aware of what needs to be done. Keep me informed.

For information, I have a twitter and a tumblr with some mathematician followers , and I am more than happy to post or repost stuff that are related to PPC or XPM :

twitter.com/BeautyAndMath" - l3fr3dj

;D great,i will do it

Reddit: subscribed and upvoted
Facebook: liked
Twitter: followed
Wired Article: commented (awaiting approval)
abcnews: commented
Forbes: commented
mtgox: request submitted - will update if I get a reply

Hope I helped! First post on this forum. Will continue the support over the next following days. Still a huge shame that as I’m UK based I can’t easily purchase Peercoin yet though. Keep up the work y’all!

Pump & dump much?


I have liked, commented and shared on FB… so far!

This could be anther article to comment on ???

[quote=“MaxBTC, post:8, topic:653”]http://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2013/11/06/bitcoin-is-not-broken/

This could be anther article to comment on ???[/quote]

Adding now, thank you.

awesome; snagged the first comment on that new site.


Reddit - Complete
Facebook - Complete
StarTrek Reddit - Complete
Wired - Complete
ArsTechnica - Complete
ABC News - Complete
Forbes - Complete
Business Insider - Complete
MTGox Exchange (request support of Peercoin (PPC) on their exchange)
Bitcointalk - Complete
CryptoCoinTalk - Complete

Kevin Rose tweeted about Peercoin!

He has 1.5mil followers…be sure to reply to his tweet!

great job

so far I wrote only several posts on bitcointalk and in discussion but hope every little help counts

[quote=“XXXPM, post:14, topic:653”]great job

so far I wrote only several posts on bitcointalk and in discussion but hope every little help counts[/quote]

Every bit counts indeed! Over the next 72 hours, we’re letting everyone know we’re just getting started.

[quote=“MaxBTC, post:13, topic:653”]Kevin Rose tweeted about Peercoin!

He has 1.5mil followers…be sure to reply to his tweet![/quote]

He’s the founder of Digg, great to see some established people beginning to take a look at Peercoin

Yeehaw!! Loving the organization and enthusiasm I’m seeing!

I’m going to engage with most of these Peercoin promotions but probably won’t post be posting my completion status. If you see cc5alive or CC Pearce replying to something, that’s me!

On BTC-E PPC wasn´t pushed that much :frowning:

This is an awareness campaign… I try not to worry about things I can’t directly control. No magic bullet, we’re getting organized and opening up doors that weren’t unlocked before.

Peter Support, Nov 07 06:22 (JST):
Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your email. Our development team is currently working on the new trading platform and we will forward your suggestion to our upper level management team for consideration. We will make announcement on our website about the new developments in MTgox.

Best regards,

Mt.Gox Team

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Please visit https://mtgox.com/security]