Non-minting transactions

I have some transactions in Peerunity that never mint. Now that’s OK, they shouldn’t mint - those balances were transferred to another address and consolidated into one total. But that being the case, they shouldn’t show up as mintable. And Peerunity has been carrying those non-mintable mintable transactions forward for just about 480 days now.

It’s just a minor annoyance but I’d like to clear it up. Rescanning the blockchain on disk hasn’t cleared the problem. Nor has reloading the blockchain from scratch.

a) Why are they showing up in the minting tab as mintable balances?
b) How do I clean that up?

Same question.

Absolutely right, Vitalicus. Thanks very much. I had thought they were real transactions that were consolidated through another transaction.

Per the other thread, probably an issue in the display code.

Use -rescan

Tried that twice, in fact. “Rescanning the blockchain on disk hasn’t cleared the problem.”

dumpprivkey of all addresses that have funds, importprivkey them all into brand new wallet.

Thank you, sir. I’m sure that will work; but now that I know what the problem is and that it is not likely to affect anything signicant, I’m inclined to leave things the way they are. I am not confident enough to tackle a key transfer when the funds involved are significant.

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Yah, just wait for the new client. Likely wont fix the underlying problem, but should at least reload you outputs.