Node under "attack" from old clients?

I have been running a well-connected open node for many years. Ever since the hard fork in March my outgoing bandwidth has spiked dramatically. I am getting bombarded with ‘getblocks’ requests from around block 420000. My node is responding to each one by returning 500 blocks, but the same clients just keep requesting these blocks over and over again continuously. My guess is that these clients are stuck on an old fork. I want to keep supporting the network for new clients but this feels like an unintentional DDOS attack. Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a solution?

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You are correct, it’s the old nodes who keep trying to participate.

thank you for your support of peercoin network.

you are correct, old nodes (you can see their version information if you run your node with -debug option) keep trying to get up to date using your node as sync node.

best thing I can do is to disconnect from pre 0.7 nodes immediately.

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arent misbehaving nodes banned automatically?

they are not misbehaving, requesting same blocks isn’t ground for raising ban score currently. i propose giving 100 score for running old version.


OK, I hate to do it, but I’m going to have to try blocking the worst offenders at the firewall. I can’t afford the wasted bandwidth right now. Hopefully, v0.8 can implement a score reduction for pre-fork clients or at least add the ‘setban’ function for a more delicate instrument. Thanks!

if you can share the list of ips that’d be great help

So far I have these:

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Peercoin v0.7.3 which bans the old nodes quicker has been released.