No actual need for nubits exchange

Because the price of nubits is fixed anyway, there is no need to have them on an exchange. I’m not saying they should be removed from exchanges. I’m saying that in addition they could be sold directly from the nubits webpage for bitcoins and peercoins.

The system would work as follows:

  1. customer lands on
  2. customer chooses to buy nubits from some menu
  3. customer fills in a short form indicating order details
  4. customer receives bitcoin/peercoin address to make a payment to
  5. when the service detects enough confirmations in the bitcoin/peercoin network it sends customer the nubits
  6. a trading bot automatically sells the received bitcoins/peercoins (if needed)

In the context of other projects I have already written most of the code that is needed to make this work. What does the community think of the proposed idea? Would anyone really need it or is it too early for such a method to buy nubits?

Installing a bot on an exchange owned by NuNet surely that can be done. I think there is a internal exchange running (for testing). But why not install many bots on other exchanges to accelerate Nubit acception? Furthermore an exchange owned by NuNet incurrs operational cost (runs servers), complicate regulation complying issues, and increases centralization without really increasing benefit to the user.

True. I guess it’s not that good idea after all. The only benefit is that user registration would not be needed so buying nubits would become a bit easier to the end user.

You could consider contributing to Cybnate’s convert-your-crypto-to-nubits wallet, i.e. run your bot in people’s wallet.