- on a mission to end online censorship with blockchain technology

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About Nimirum Project:
Nimirum Project is planning to end online censorship using blockchain technology. We will be creating a forum platform with the same feel as a traditional forum, but with the security of bitcoin. The forum platform will have no moderators, admins, or anything of that sort. No one will have more power than anyone else. This is the ideal solution for ending censorship of forums, and we will be the first to do it. Even the creators of nimirum will not be able to censor anyone and we will have no more power than anyone else.

White Paper:
Nimirum Whitepaper V1:

We are releasing V1 of the whitepaper to give some insight on what we are planning, and for feedback from the community. After a successful ICO, the full in-depth Whitepaper V2 will be released with input from the developers of the project.

Q3 2016 ICO

We will be distributing Nimirum Tokens in our ICO to raise funding for development of the project. Nimirum Tokens will have multiple functionalities in the forum platform including tipping, user rewards, built in escrow system, and more.

Q4 2016 Decentralized Forum Platform

Our goal is to create a fully functioning, easy to use decentralized forum system powered by a blockchain. There will be multiple forum networks for different forum topics. We will create a system where even moderators and admins don’t have enough power to censor users. The forum will be usable through our open-source lightweight client. The client will be initially released as a Chrome & Firefox addon, but we will later be implementing an iOS and Android app.

[center]Team Members:

Monte - Founder

Joshua - Co-Founder / Developer

Catrina - Developer

Nikos - Graphic Designer[/center]

About the ICO:
We are launching the ICO to initiate the funding of the nimirum blockchain and clients. Our goal with the ICO is to give the platform enough energy and adoption to where the community will maintain and upkeep the codebase.

We will be distributing 1,000,000 nimirum tokens in the ICO. withdrawals will be opened at the end of the ICO on September 8th, 2016.

Referral Program:
7.5% Referral Program Payouts in BTC

Our ICO has a free referral program which offers a 7.5% referral bonus. For example, if you refer someone who purchases 1 BTC worth of Nimirum Tokens, you will be rewarded with 0.075 BTC. Referral cookies expire after 1 Month.

Early investors get a bonus for buying. First 3 days: 25%, First Week: 20%, Second Week: 10%, Third Week: 5%. After the third week no bonuses will be rewarded.

The ICO will run for 4 weeks.
The ICO is starting on August 9th, 2016 and will end 30 days later on September 8th, 2016.

Find us:

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[size=12pt]About the referral program[/size]

Our referral program is great if you want to earn some easy passive money. Whether you’re a blogger, tweeter, or just a forum user, you can use the nimirum referral program to your advantage.

Some info on how it works:

Our referral program offers a 7.5% bonus. This means that if you refer someone who invests 1 BTC you will earn 0.075 BTC. You can withdraw your earnings immediately, but it may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

When someone clicks your referral link a cookie is set in their browser which lasts for 30 days. This means if someone clicks your link but invests at a later date, you will still receive your 7.5% cut of their investment.

Your referral url can be found here:

You can request a payout by creating a ticket here:

Any questions?


Twitter: @nimirumorg

News Articles::

Somehow, this looks like a late-to-the-game implementation of steemit.

Four differences:

  1. It’s an ICO, which means, give us the funds to build it, and we hope we can

  2. The whitepaper clearly shows “V1”, which means this is a transitional concept.

  3. Why would you only do an ICO in 30 days, while you’re still looking for the main component (a browser extension) ?

  4. You built it on Bitcoin, which is an oversaturated network struggling with blocktimes. You might have done better by choosing Peercoin for something like this…

So many questions, so little time to get them answered. Only 30 days for the ICO.

Good luck (sincerely). :slight_smile:

Nimirum Project
On a mission to end online censorship with blockchain technology
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7.5% Referral Program Payouts in BTC!