Nice Win Today - We're headed to Vault of Satoshi Exchange

"Hey John,

We do have all of the integration ready and have tested with it. I just have to take the proposal to a board meeting and have it approved. It’s literally a flag from being deployed.

Great work!
Mike Cury"

Big news! Every new exchange we’re adding expands the number of Peercoiners worldwide.

Eventually one will have an API that we can use to interface with Bitpay or BIPS. I like their vision, another step closer.

Awesome, I’m loving these daily wins!

Confirmed: Vault of Satoshi is looking to add PPC at the end of the month. :slight_smile: They also want us to kick around some launch ideas… I’ll detail this out later.

“Sounds great, I have my Q/A people on the PPC code this afternoon and the rest of the week, we could be live with this on Monday. Thanks for the quick reply.” - Mike (Vault of Satoshi)

Coindesk ran a story about Vault, I sent them an email to update on the progress.