Next generation of Peerbox-info

[quote=“peerchemist, post:20, topic:2829”][quote=“denyzabac, post:19, topic:2829”]Hi, is there any chance to develop peerbox as operating system based on debian distribution? Or just to install as package through command line in some debian os(ubuntu,mint etc) ?
I have bunch of these and wanted to set it as node[/quote]

Peerbox will soon receive x86_64 port for virtual machine hypervisors. I’ll star with native KVM image, so you can set up KVM on your debian installation and run Peerbox OS with less then 1% performance overhead while retaining all security features of Peerbox.[/quote]

Any chance to .exe for windows as standallone?

I’m sorry but that is beyond not possible. :-/

Peerbox-info has just been updated.

Now it uses as reference for --health functionality and fixes bug #7 (

You can update with:

sudo pacman -Sy peerbox-info