News - Live from the Miami Bitcoin Conference Jan 25/26

News - Live from the Miami Bitcoin Conference Jan 25/26

Update 1

  • All speakers/vendors at the Miami Bitcoin Conference have been emailed

  • Touching base with Steve from Gocoin and the guys from Zipzap on Day 1

  • Last minute flight cancellation, was able to get an earlier flight which puts me right at the pre-party on time

Update 2

Just finished an interview with Bloomberg on alternate currencies while waiting for my plane. Lots of good Peercoin info.

Update 3

Bad weather… still stuck at the airport.

Update 4

More plane delays, setting up meetings all day.

Update 5

4am… just touched down in Miami.

Update 6

Spoke to the great guys at Once we get a payment processor, I’ll revisit the request.

Next update is cry2cash… we need to seriously leverage this tool to allow Joe User to buy Peercoins.

Update 7

I spoke to the guys over at As a community, I strongly recommend we start support their efforts. Their service allows instant transactions to a Visa debit card allowing non hardcore crypto people to get involved and easily purchase our coins. Great conversation, highly recommend expanding our reach.

Next update: Leetcoin

Next update2: Zipcoin, GoCoin or possible Astros… lots of talking, making progress.

Update 8

I spoke to Leetcoin about Peercoin while Nikel spoke about Nxt. I’ll just copy his update since it applies to Peer as well (this could be another great boost for Peer):

Leetcoin - “Compete in your favorite games for Bitcoin.”

The first person shooter we saw looked good (see screenshot) I spoke with the CEO. He is very open to the idea of adding in alts such as Nxt, I let him know we have a number of talented developers that could assist with getting a wallet to work. He’s agreed to do a conference call with their CIO, we’ll follow-up early next week.

Getting gamers on board would be BIG.

*** Action Item ***

Take a look at the website and simply thank them for meeting with our community member Matt.

*** Reminder ***

This is just a first step to discuss possible options but one that’s great for Nxt in the competitive gaming market.

Update 9

Great meeting with Zipzap. We’ve provided Eric with everything he’s requested and the results are showing. FuzzyBear has a follow-up meeting scheduled, this could be the final wrap-up. I don’t want to promise anything, however, we’re right there folks.

Update 10

Great meeting with Gocoin. Steve gave me a nice compliment about being ridiculously persistent which I appreciate. When I land, I’m forwarded over the charts we put together for Zipzap. We spoke quite a bit about Peercoin and what we have to offer as community.

Update 11

The oversize button was a great conversation starter. I didn’t have more than a 1 minute to myself that I wasn’t either in a meeting or someone from the community coming up and talking about Peercoin. In fact, Charles Lee (Litecoin) had nice things to say about us in his speech. We had so much additional exposure at the conference, it was well worth the time.