Newbie Questions

If it doesn’t, we should make sure that it does when you get close, or when you try to export a copy of the wallet.dat file. I haven’t tried to add that many before, but it’s a worthwhile test to keep in mind.



Hi, tuneman1980. Is there a question that you had that you would like to see answered?

Hello, we are here to help or help you testing :slight_smile:

Sorry, all good now. :slight_smile:

^ Epic satisfaction of the 2 post requirement, lol.

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In search of definitive guide to set up a raspberry pi with asics (assuming that’s a reasonable approach --newbie). Would be great to get some figures regarding rate of return assuming free electricity which I’ll get from already installed solar panels. I’d quite like to set up a little rig if it’s worth it… Or just run on a Pi’s CPU if asics would not be cost effective.

I Downloaded the new wallet and replaced old one…now where is the block chain?

I have a green check mark on the bottom right, and I have 8 active connections.

Yet I still have a Warning Message that reads “WARNING: Blockchain redownload required approaching or past v0.4 upgrade deadline”

So where do I download the block chain if it doesn’t do it for me automatically? And if it does so automatically, why am I receiving this message? Thanks


i did a video about that here:
but essentially you need to delete the old files and let the blockchain redownload, which took me about an hour…
hope that helps.

thanks a lot, I’ll check it out when I can. I really appreciate it

I want to learn how to sell items for peercoin. I have 6 gold and silver domain names including, and others. Also have art work which can be seen at a luxury item web site for bitcoin big spenders. I’d post the name but not sure if that would be welcomed here.

Basically I’ll sell what I have for peercoin.

Could I post the link to my web site and to the luxury site?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have 0 active connections to the network. I need to synch with the block chain so that the coins I just received will show. What will get the connection back up and running?

Guess you tried the obvious as checking your network connection and restart of client? You may also check if your firewall isn’t blocking connections for the client. Usually the firewall will ask to open up connection when you start peercoin client first time.

When you have checked all that it would be good to know which client you are using, where you did download it and on what platform you are (Win, Mac, Linux, Android)

The firewall isn’t blocking connections. I downloaded from and I’m on a mac. I haven’t tried restarting the client, can this be done without leaving the coins in my wallet in jeopardy?

Your coins will be safe as long as your wallet.dat file is intact.

I can’t find the wallet.dat, where is it located on macs? :))

Thanks for helping me locate the wallet.dat. Do I need to backup the wallet before I attempt to restart the client?

where to buy peershares?