New site that accepts PPC Payments

Crypto Hash Auctions is a new Cryptocurrency auction site that allows you to pay for your item with Bitcoins, Litecoins and Peercoins as of now. There are other payment methods as well. We want to help PPC grow and when sites offer trades in crypto coins, this greatly helps out that coin. So if you have something to sell or want to buy something with your PPC then head on over to:

We need some more members and items here so any signups or items will help out greatly!

Comments are appreciated!

The site is still being developed to look more user friendly. There won’t be any down time for modifying it though.

You have the option to set a reserve price for the item you are selling. This way you won’t get any less than what you want. There is also a $50 credit limit for your account to make your items featured, bold and highlighted.

That’s great! I’m sure you’ll find a lot of people worldwide who will be using PPC as we continue to grow.

Yes and we hope to accept payments from other cryptocurrencies in the future as well. Check out the new layout we have. It makes the site look a lot smoother.