NEW Sell Your Mining Hash Rates & Sell Your Cryptocoins or Mining Equpiment!

There is a new site that just opened up about 2 days ago that allows you to auction off your mining contracts, mining equipment, crypto coins (many different kinds) electronics and other stuff. If you have something you were thinking about selling, consider trying out Crypto Hash Auctions. You never really know about something until you give it a shot right? So why would you not want to try out an auction website that is specifically for people like ourselves (miners, enthusiasts, collectors etc…). You might even like it! It could be something that you use all of the time. It could be something that you purchase your mining equipment from. Or to auction off your coins.

You can set a reserve price on your auction if you are afraid that it will sell for way less than what you expect. You can have a buy it now option. There’s feedback so you can find reputable sellers or buyers. There is many more good things about this new site. All you have to do is stop by and try it out!