New pool: 0% fee, prop, stratum + vardiff -


I opened a PPC pool as well but need few miners to help finding first block at least (I have only 2 GPUs but still trying). My pools are reliable and stable - my main topic on bitcointalk is here: - so please spread your power a bit :slight_smile:

So coming back to PeerCoin pool:
Stratum Port: 6050


Is it possible to use ASIC Hardware? I only see GPU and CPU Supp.


I am in your pool. :wink:

Hey, I’ve never mined before. How can I confirm that it is functioning properly? I am trying to use windows & guiminer. Is this possible? If you help get me set up I’ll donate generously from my mined PPC :stuck_out_tongue:

i use cudaminer, but i cant seem to get my blocks to get accepted. follow the correct command line you mentioned. do i need a stratum proxy?