New Peercointalk Forum theme


I hope everybody likes it. Honestly, I’m glad it’s over. We’ve been discussing this issue at length here and here and working on this theme for over a week, the last several days in particular where me and Fuzzy worked on it practically all day. I’m glad we were able to agree on a compromise like this. Rather than switching to discourse, everybody can continue to use the same forum they’re already familiar with, except with Peercoin’s branding. Thanks to everybody that helped during this transition. :slight_smile:

Oh, and let us know if the new navigation linking peercointalk to has any bugs. We’ve tried to nail as many of them as possible, but it’s always possible we’ve missed a few. Just report anything in this thread.

Please donate to Fuzzy’s new Peer4commit fund for the forum. If anyone wants to tip me for my work here, my address is in my sig. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: Posted on /r/peercoin and /r/cryptocurrency

It looks way better.

Looks very good.

Not a forum issue but web integration issue.

In the Peercoin Talk Services subdomain, the logo is squished on mobile:

I like it! Looks a lot closer to and r/Peercoin. Theme uniformity is good.

Oh man, this look so great! You’ve really done a great job!

Good job. Very good.

Looks very good.

Can somebody please post an announcement about this on Bitcointalk and link it here so we can comment. I’m a little busy at work right now, thanks.

Thank you to everyone for all your kind feedback, pleased you like it :slight_smile:


Just for the record here as I’ve said it before. Very good stuff.
An old tired house looks fresh again after a complete repaint, but you can still find the light buttons at night :smiley:

Donation underway…

i think the redesign was a veeeeery good idea and i really like the new look!

[quote=“FuzzyBear, post:11, topic:3367”][…]
Thank you to everyone for all your kind feedback, pleased you like it :slight_smile:

Like it? Did you really write “like it”?
I LOVE it! :smiley:

Everything is awesome…!

Looks great keep the good work up donations are well deserved. 8)

It looks great! and very similar to the look of

Thank you!