New Peercoin Video LAUNCH ideas and procedure

Assume the video is ready “tomorrow” and we’re ready to get this out there. Every major cryptocurrency publication wants to be “first” to report some thing, so we need to take advantage of that fact.

When Peercoin launches its new professionally-made video, we have to work fast to get it announced and linked to as fast as possible. This means it has to go viral. That’s not easily done. Every one always says “make this go viral” but only a few ever make it that far. Usually it is due to lack of a solid plan.

One major concern is that the broadcast license has to be correct. This includes selecting an appropriate creative commons license so that:

a) RADIO LICENSING: Radio stations can play excerpts on their talk radio shows “royalty-free”

b) TV/VIDEO LICENSING: News stations, conventional TV, or online media, can show the video “royalty-free”

c) PRESS RELEASE: A professionally worded press release needs to be created, and broadcasted. We already know what’s in the video, and we know why it is made, and what message we are trying to convey, Who or how to contact for more information, etc. This is some thing that could be in the working stages right now BEFORE the video is released.

e) CONTACTS: A contact list built. Or find some one who is a trusted Peercoin member that already works with the media in a publicity department who knows the best contact addresses to send this to…

f) FTP AREA: A youtube channel ready and waiting. A vimeo channel ready and waiting. A high-resolution file transfer area, perhaps password-protected by fuzzybear so a TV new station broadcasting in HD can download the full resolution version

g) REDDIT: A posting pre-worded, with topic keywords, already written and on standby to be published.

h) BLOGGERS: Major bloggers who follow Bitcoin and Altcoin need to be notified, invited to share the video with their viewers, link to it, and discuss it.

This has to be a major splash. A big topic of discussion. After video release, you have about only 7 days of interest before it will die and drop off hard. It is important to saturate this news everywhere and make each outlet feel like they need to carry the story in order to remain current.

If people are hearing bits and pieces on competitor sites or on competitor TV channels, then it encourages other venues to release their spin or story too.

Agree that it would be good to have a plan with the items your mention. As you know that is actually one of our major weaknesses, press releases and press contacts. However we can still get a list together and some announcements. Problem is that you don’t want to share this information widely, making it to easy for other to use e.g. press list. Maybe we need to create a document containing those details where only 2 or 3 trusted members have access to. People can still contribute to the list though, but it can’t be shared widely as a whole.

Regarding your concern; are you not satisfied that we are getting the right license from overkillcoin? If so, feel free to ask directly. I’m not an expert in licensing but overkillcoin would know. His work should still be protected from copying (normal copyrights), but the video as is, should be freely distributable and shared widely.

Do you have a contact at CNN? We can offer exclusive rights to them :wink:

Completely agree with PPCman. We need a huge marketing push when the video is finished. There’s probably about 50-100 people that need to be personally contacted and persuaded to share the video to make it a success. The contact list is a very good idea. Here’s a few to get the ball rolling:,
Alvin lee Twitter blogger: @onemanatatime Twitter: @coinMKTcap No e-mail published but contact box at- twitter @CryptoPros

Thanks for those Hanzie, very appreciated.

Although I recommend against posting email addresses on the forum. A Private Message would be better. Spammers use spiders to grab them. We also don’t want to give competing coins those either. :slight_smile:

On another note, I wish we had $500 for the financial package on prweb.

It could make Peercoin explode with this next press release.

Either way, look at our options here, please check the different press release packages:

It looks like if we don’t actually fork out some cash for putting this press release out there, it is only going to be carried minimally. :frowning:

I think it’s worth investing in it, but not only for the video. The video is not news, so why would they go with it. I think it needs to be bundled in a press release with peerunity (current release features and future) and the latest Peershares and peer4commit news. That way they have something to tell and share to their readers/viewers.

BTW JBT has shared their list with media contacts, so that is half of the work.

Cybnate, you’re right.

The video coupled with the Peershares / Peerunity / Nubits is definitely news that needs to be press released out together.

David (going to PM you), we’re interested in your comments. When the Peercoin video is ready, we’d like to coordinate a media press release that announces every thing together.

The reason why, is simply, that when people find out about Nubits / Nushares and Peershares, they are going to want to find out more about Peercoin and our video will be finished and waiting.

The only issues we need to address are:

  1. Writing the press release, what to include

  2. Very important: who the “Real person’s and phone number” will be at the bottom of the press release, to answer more questions from interested reporters wanting to do a full editorial on it. (We need some one to fill in as the PR person for this press release)

  3. Cost to issue the press release ($500) paid for by ?

I thought we might have had a volunteer stand up as spokes person by now, we still don’t have any one yet. Since you’re the main guy for the Peershares related stuff promotion wise, it would be benficial for us all to sort this out together some how.

[quote=“David”]Congratulations on finishing the video everyone. It will be an excellent marketing tool for the Peercoin community going forward.

If you would like to include a brief mention of the NuBits project being announced that is fine with us. I would perhaps caution against anything further however, as no details have been released and there is really nothing of substance yet for an interested reader to research. You don’t want to disappoint anyone who would be expecting comprehensive information on the project.

Anyways good luck, and the NuBits team would appreciate it if we could approve what is included in relation to our project prior to release. :)[/quote]
@David, well the community work is mostly done, but the video is not ready yet. This thread is just preparing for the launch.

Anyway it would be great to synchronise these things a bit. For a press release we need to be able to tell at least something (a teaser, a vague clue) about NuBits to make it interesting for the press.
But if you aren’t ready for that yet, we can go with Peerunity and Peershares for now. I think it will be another 2 weeks before the video is released in its final form and ready for distribution.

@ppcman, regarding you item 2 of your post.

I recall we have been here before and I agree that ideally we want to have a press contact etc. but the reality is that we don’t have it and probably don’t get it soon. I think we should try to be bold and mention that this community has not one leader or spokesperson. If they like to talk/interview they can join in chat or IRC on appointment and we can arrange one or more knowledgeable members of the community or they can just submit their questions on Bitmessage or in PM to one of the trusted members.

So unless you have someone prepared to be community spokesperson for a press release, I think we have to do the second best thing…

Welcome further discussion!

ppcman, have you looked at our contact list yet? You seem to know what you’re looking for to tell whether it’s a good list or not. Either way, I agree with including Peerunity/Peershares/NuBits into the press release along with the video, as more reporters will pick up on it that way. The financial PR package also looks like the way to go in addition to our own list. We want this to be as successful as possible, so it means we should invest some money into pushing it.

The PR contact is a problem. I don’t feel confident in taking that role, so it would need to be somebody else. I’m not sure if we should do what Cybnate is suggesting though, because I don’t know think reporters will want to go through the hassle of setting an account up to chat. I assume they’d just want to make it quick, make a call or send an email for more information. I have no experience with the media though, so I couldn’t tell you if this assumption is true.

Maybe we could just supply an email address (Instead of a phone number) as contact info. In case any questions come in, the person holding the email address can relay them in a forum thread to get them answered as quickly as possible.

Regarding hassle of login, we can setup a number of press accounts on peercointalk and share the password to press contacting us with request to talk. That way they only need to login and chat :slight_smile: An email address should be the first contact and the way to share the details. We leave the login valid for 30 days or so and then reset the password.

I agree it is not ideal, but I don’t think we have the luxury of choice. We can have a peercoin gmail address we can share access to ensure it is checked once a day. It will also attract heaps of spam and the occasional imposters, so the PR list comes in handy to help verify whether a request is legit.

Happy to be in email pool, but we need at least one preferably two others joining.

Bumping an old thread. The video is pretty much ready! What’s the launch plan? Take a peek at this thread to refresh your memories. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a surprise for everyone. I was able to convince the guy who owned to let the community have it. So this is now our official Google account, including YouTube, Google+ and Gmail! I’ve already uploaded graphics for the pages. Check them out.

I’ve invited Cybnate as a manager for the new channel. Either she or I will upload the video and work on the subtitles and keep it private until it’s ready. As for the release plan, this is something we need to figure out now as you said.

Instead of a formal press release we can just send the newsletter (with the video link) and a short intro to our PR list. Just to warm them up. It is a quiet time for news anyway, so we might get something published with a bit of luck. At least it would be a good test to see if it works and which addresses are still valid.


BTW the video and all the subtitles are uploaded to our Peercoin Youtube channel. Ready to be published.

Very nice! Thanks.

[quote=“Cybnate, post:14, topic:2459”]Instead of a formal press release we can just send the newsletter (with the video link) and a short intro to our PR list. Just to warm them up. It is a quiet time for news anyway, so we might get something published with a bit of luck. At least it would be a good test to see if it works and which addresses are still valid.


I think this is fine. In the intro text, we can provide the press with a way to email us for more information. We can use our new Google account Gmail address. We can also link them to the final newsletter posting on our forum, in case they want to ask questions there.

I see that rather than coming up with a plan on the best way to launch the video, we kinda pushed all these ideas aside and kind of just threw it up on youtube and are trying to make it go viral.

At best, we’ll probably get under 5,000 views over the next few weeks with this method.

We should have given a sneak peek to some significant youtube personalities, bloggers, journalists and our launch date, so they could write about the video and bring notice to it.

Once that happened, Google would see the explosion of traffic and probably feature the video as being significant for free. Then we’d get massive views.

Failing that, we could have paid to feature the video ourselves. All kinds of things could have been done here.

I’m failing to see how we came together as a community to produce the video, but when it comes to launching, we think that just tweeting it out is enough to make it go viral. That’s too simplistic. Every one does that and it has a mundane effect most of the time.

@ppcman -

I don’t understand why all the ideas you suggest can’t still happen. I’m not sure if this sort of video could ever really “go viral” but many that do were uploaded months or even years before they actually catch on. Besides, I’m sure it’s helpful to have a good number of views logged before bringing it to the attention of bloggers, etc. If I received a lead on a video with <500 views I’d probably just ignore it.

Here’s the issue. There are around 200 various alt cryptocoins out there. They are all competing for attention.

Now we have the entire cryptocurrency investors, many of them are defending their current positions without wanting to expand their portfolo further. (The reason is simple. You want to have “big” postions in a limited number of coins, instead of a bunch of “small” positions in hundreds of coins)

Based on all of this, garnering attention in a saturated “hey look at me” cryptocurrency market can be very difficult.

Dogecoin did it, because they were so oddball with their marketing, and it worked.

I really wanted some thing special for Peercoin’s video is all.

Yes, you’re right, there are things we can still do… Unfortunately I don’t have the time or resources to do much myself, that’s a problem, I wish I could.

But for any one else out there that agrees that in order to get our video seen by the right people, it should be “the talk of the town” so to speak, at least in the experienced crypto user circles.

Coindesk is a good place. Let’s brain storm together.

[quote=“ppcman, post:19, topic:2459”]Here’s the issue. There are around 200 various alt cryptocoins out there. They are all competing for attention.

Now we have the entire cryptocurrency investors, many of them are defending their current positions without wanting to expand their portfolo further. (The reason is simple. You want to have “big” postions in a limited number of coins, instead of a bunch of “small” positions in hundreds of coins)

Based on all of this, garnering attention in a saturated “hey look at me” cryptocurrency market can be very difficult.

Dogecoin did it, because they were so oddball with their marketing, and it worked.

I really wanted some thing special for Peercoin’s video is all.

Yes, you’re right, there are things we can still do… Unfortunately I don’t have the time or resources to do much myself, that’s a problem, I wish I could.

But for any one else out there that agrees that in order to get our video seen by the right people, it should be “the talk of the town” so to speak, at least in the experienced crypto user circles.

Coindesk is a good place. Let’s brain storm together.[/quote]

Honestly I never saw the video being anything more than a introduction to Peercoin at for people are complete crypto noobs. And I think it’s great for that.

                                                 [center] [size=12pt]  [img width=300 height=240][/img]    [center] [font=arial black][b]Peercoin Newsletter - Issue #9

Official Forums & Chat


[font=trebuchet ms][size=17pt]Table of Contents:[/size]

[size=12pt]1. Core Development:[/size]

  • Sigmike Joins Sunny King on the Peercoin Core Development Team
  • Peercoin v0.5: Checkpoint Opt Out, Cold-Locked Minting, Improved Rewards

[size=12pt]2. Community Development:[/size]

  • Peerunity v0.1 Released
  • Peerunity v0.2 in Development
  • New Peercoin Video Released
  • Introducing the Peercoin Marketing Fund
  • 38 Minute Intro to Peercoin Video & Slide Deck Created
  • Peer4Commit Gets a Facelift & New Features
  • is Being Redesigned

[size=12pt]3. The “Cryptoasset Game Changer” Introducing NuBits:[/size]

[size=12pt]4. Conclusion:[/size]

[font=trebuchet ms][size=17pt]1. Core Development:[/size]

[size=14pt]- Sigmike Joins Sunny King on the Peercoin Core Development Team[/size]

On 6/16/14, Sunny King officially announced that Sigmike is now sharing responsibility in the Peercoin core development team.

[i]Based on the consensus of project leaders of the community, I am happy to announce that sigmike is now sharing responsibility with me in the Peercoin core-dev team. Responsibility of core-dev team is maintenance and development of peercoin protocol and reference client implementation. sigmike has been a key member of the peershare project and peerunity project, who has also demonstrated exceptional knowledge of peercoin protocol and security.[/i]

Sigmike has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Peercoin community with such works as Peershares, Peerunity, Peer4commit, and NuBits (which we’ll get to in a moment). Congratulations Sigmike!

[size=14pt]- Peercoin v0.5: Checkpoint Opt Out, Cold-Locked Minting, Improved Rewards[/size]

On 6/24/14, Sunny King confirmed that Peercoin v0.5 is under development. He mentions enabling users to opt out of checkpoint enforcement.

[i]Peercoin v0.5 is under development, currently work is being done on the checkpoint system. First step, user would be able to opt out enforcement of broadcast checkpoints.[/i]

In the 5/24/14 community interview with Sunny King, he mentioned improved network security and minting incentive as two things currently in development.

[i]Sunny King: For the protocol there is two items currently active, one is cold minting, the other is improving minting incentive

Ben: “Improving minting incentive” – this will be an item that will get a lot of talk after this interview, I’m sure. Can you tell us about it?

Sunny King: If we get these solved I think then we could reach very high network security levels

Sunny King: Currently the minting participate rate is still relatively low I think

Sunny King: It’s getting a lot better than say a year ago, but I think we could do much better even

Sunny King: I have a proposal that maybe switch to a constant mint per block would significantly improve participation without too much impact to inflation model. However this is something the commnity needs to reach a level of consensus on[/i]

On 5/8/14, Sigmike proposed a cold storage minting option. Cold storage, or cold-locked minting, would enable users to earn interest on their Peercoins via proof of stake and secure the network while their coins are held safely in cold storage.

On 6/30/14, Sunny King made a comment which seemed to imply Sigmike’s proposal was chosen and he is currently developing it.

[i]It most likely would be a mandatory upgrade. We don't have a release schedule yet. Mike has just started to work on the cold minting feature.[/i]

[font=trebuchet ms][size=17pt]2. Community Development:[/size]

[size=14pt]- Peerunity v0.1 Released[/size]

On 6/2/14, v0.1 of the community developed Peerunity client saw release. Updates over the official client include:

New Features:

[ul][li]Peerunity branded UI (new icons and text and content labels)[/li]
[li]“Unlock for Minting Only” menu item[/li]
[li]“Coin Control” functionality[/li]
[li]createmultisig RPC call added[/li]
[li]-walletnotify command added[/li][/ul]

Image of the minting option (found under settings):

Image of coin control feature (enabled under settings -> options -> display):

Protocol Bug Fixes:

[ul][li]New stakes will be displayed after a successful block mint without having to restart the client.[/li]
[li]When a proof-of-stake block was minted, the sum of the resulting balance (block reward + stake) was incorrectly being doubled when displayed through the listaccounts RPC call. This was only a display issue and did not affect the GUI or when getbalance was called.[/li]
[li]In the Options dialog, the mandatory transaction fee description was updated with accurate details about how the Peercoin network fees worked. Previously, the text referred to how the Bitcoin network’s fees are processed.[/li]
[li]Updated compilation instructions for building on OS X (with MacPorts or Homebrew, for 10.8.x or 10.9.x)[/li][/ul]

Localization Updates:

[ul][li]French language translation updates[/li]
[li]Norwegian language translation updates[/li]
[li]Chinese (Simplified) language translation updates[/li][/ul]

[size=18pt]- Peerunity v0.2 in Development[/size]

Peerunity v0.2 has been in development for a while as well. Based on community discussion, Jordan Lee has confirmed the following features should be included:

v0.2 Feature List:

[ul][li]The minting tab (pull request #77 from daeMOn)[/li]
[li]A new stylesheet (no pull request yet)[/li]
[li]Raw transactions RPC + batch JSON-RPC (pull request #26 from glv)[/li]
[li]Add address for minted coins in transaction table (pull request #45 from glv)[/li]
[li]Add support for IPv6 node and for Socks v5 proxy (pull request #49 from glv)[/li]
[li]sendmany from all accounts (pull request #74 from sigmike)[/li]
[li]Improve the transaction size (and fee) prediction of coin control (pull request #86 from glv)[/li]
[li]A variety of translation updates and bug fixes. There are a number of these already submitted as pull requests, plus we will accept more until we are code complete.[/li][/ul]

Peercoin member Sentinelrv has been designing the new visual style and Ben is working on implementing it into the client. Here is a concept:

[size=14pt]- New Peercoin Video Released[/size]

The animated Peercoin video project funded by the community has been completed! As soon as domain forwarding has been setup, you’ll be able to use to link people to the video. For now though, you can check out the completed video here.

[size=14pt]- Introducing the Peercoin Marketing Fund[/size]

On 6/27/14, the Peercoin Marketing Fund was introduced by Cybnate and River333. This fund will allow anyone to submit a marketing proposal for Peercoin. Each proposal will be voted on by the community. If approved, the proposal will be funded. This fund will make us more agile and faster to respond to opportunities without the need to raise money first. It will also challenge the community to be creative and come up with their own proposals, as they will know the money is available to them as long as they can convince the community to vote for it. Below you’ll find a list of important links related to the fund:

Important Fund Links:

[ul][li]Fund Donation Page[/li]
[li]Marketing Fund Charter[/li]
[li]Template for Submissions[/li]
[li]Proposal Submission Board[/li][/ul]

We are proud to announce the launch of the Peercoin Marketing Fund. Instead of having a foundation or a small marketing team working in private, this fund will allow marketing to be done by the community, and for the community. No hidden agendas or ulterior motives. Anyone can submit a proposal and receive funding for their idea, and all proposals will be voted on by the community before receiving funding. The funds will be stored on peer4commit and will use multisig as soon as it is available. Distributing the funds to projects will be done by volunteers who hold the role on a temporary basis, and are voted in by the community. Full details of the structure can be found in the Charter.

The fund has already received extremely generous donations, with 4000 PPC now available to start with. Donations can be sent on peer4commit. Please use the “Donate” button so you can give a return address. If you have an idea for marketing Peercoin, you are now invited to post a proposal. Please see the Template for Submissions for more information. We hope that this fund will help spread awareness and lead to greater adoption of Peercoin.

[size=14pt]- 38 Minute Intro to Peercoin Video & Slide Deck Created[/size]

On 6/30/14, the first proposal, an intro to Peercoin video, was made by community member Chronos. It was soon approved by the community and on 7/13/15, it was successfully completed! The 38 minute video provides an excellent overview of the basics of Peercoin, proof of work vs proof of stake, and where Peercoin is headed long term in contrast to Bitcoin and other proof of work cryptocurrencies. You can watch it right here. You can also download the slide deck here and use it for Peercoin presentations. We’ve also setup two shortcut domains to the video you can use to spread around, and

[size=14pt]- Peer4Commit Gets a Facelift & New Features[/size]

On 5/6/14, sigmike proposed a major evolution for Peer4Commit. Only a few weeks later a redesign and several of the features were implemented. Check it out at!

[size=14pt]- is Being Redesigned[/size]

The community has hired a web developer to redesign and is in the process of hiring Chronos to take the lead on content creation. Lots of new pages full of content are in the planning stages, including user type pages, explanations and guides. Certain pages will also feature instructional videos. A news blog will be incorporated into the new site as well as a way to sign up for the Peercoin newsletter, so you can receive news updates via email. Follow its progress and give feedback and suggestions in this thread.

[font=trebuchet ms][size=17pt]3. The “Cryptoasset Game Changer” Introducing NuBits:[/size]

On 6/5/14, Jordan Lee revealed that the project he and his team have been working on will be called NuBits in a very bold announcement. He also confirmed that dividend payments to NuBits shareholders would be paid in Peercoins.

The Peershares implementation and extension my team has been working on will be known as the NuBits project.[b] It provides something which the cryptocommunity has desperately wanted and needed for years.[/b] There are presently no implementations or competitors with a production system up and running to meet the need. It will be a ground breaking release. Some might even call this the most important development in the cryptoasset space since Bitcoin was released. Others will disagree, but there will be a consensus that it is an historic development in decentralized finance.

As many of you know, I have not felt comfortable selling a product that doesn’t exist. This will not be an issue preventing investment or broader participation in the NuBits project much longer. Soon we expect to have our production network and client up and running, at which time we will begin to look for investors who would like to purchase our Peershares and participate in the NuBits project. Potential investors will receive extremely detailed information about the NuBits project and a client they can use to connect to the production network. This wave of investors will be people who have demonstrated a capacity to benefit cryptoasset projects such as developers, marketers, testers and active forum participants. People who purchase our Peershares will be business partners, so we want to select them carefully. Later we will sell shares to people who’s primary contribution is financial. All proceeds from the sale of our Peershares will be used in the interest of shareholders, particularly for operating and development expenses. We expect the project to be very well funded and experience explosive growth.

Finally, I will confirm that we will be distributing dividends as Peercoins. We expect to need quite a few Peercoins to accomplish this.

On 6/29/14, an update:

All major features for the initial release of the NuBits project are code complete and the protocol has passed the most basic sort of unit tests. We are still adding new code that is of peripheral importance and there is a lot of QA work yet to be done. But the code is surprisingly bug free owing to the fact that sigmike is our primary developer. Our development effort is beginning to shift focus to our second release, as our QA team has the primary responsibility for bringing the first release to completion at this point.

We are wrapping up development as quickly as possible and are excited to share this cryptoasset game changer with the world soon.

Then, hints as to what NuBits could be started appearing on the official Twitter & Facebook pages.

On 7/2/14, Jordan Lee announced the website,

While an entire team of IT professionals have been working privately to bring you the NuBits project for 5 months, public NuBits activity is just now slowly but surely ramping up. The seemingly cryptic messages you are reading from the NuBits team hint at a future cryptoeconomy that will look very different from the volatile markets that exist today. Peercoin is poised to play a meaningful role in the innovative solution we are building.

The next step in building awareness is launching a splash page for NuBits at, which is available now. Many more details and tools will be released on the website at an appropriate time in the future. Once we have a firm release date, the random hashing values will change to a release countdown.

Something Nu is coming in 2014, and we are eager to share it with the world. picked up on it and wrote an article you can find here.

Follow NuBits here:


[font=trebuchet ms][size=17pt]4. Conclusion:[/size]

[ul][li]Peercoin will be two years old on August 19th, 2014![/li]
[li]Peercoin’s PoW difficulty is now at 181 million, almost triple it’s January difficulty of 64 million.[/li]
[li]Peercoin’s PoS difficulty is hovering around 12.1, over triple what it was a year ago.[/li]
[li]At the time of this writing, the Peercoin blockchain is still less than 300mb due to design![/li]
[li]Community member JetJet13 has created; a Peercoin block explorer with lots of great info. The official thread for it can be found here[/li][/ul]

[font=trebuchet ms][size=17pt]5. See You Next Time:[/size]

Thanks for reading. Don’t be shy now. Join us at! This has been Young Master Yurizhai, PEACE OUT!