New OSX Wallet?

Are my old Peercoins still redeemable?

I’m trying to update my old OSX wallet with a new one. And there is no Peercoin-QT Mac wallet to be found on the website. If someone could link me to the proper one (and a config file or what nodes to add) that would be grand.

I see this Peerunity wallet. I’m not against using that but can I import my old wallet.dat file into it? Thanks

here’s the ppcoin-qt:

sha256 7942747e8d301d4d0ad72e6e3eca7f96b265

[quote=“backpacker69, post:2, topic:3962”]here’s the ppcoin-qt:

sha256 7942747e8d301d4d0ad72e6e3eca7f96b265[/quote]

Thanks so much for your reply. That appears to be for windows though…I’m on mac. any suggestions? Thank you

I have peerunity. Will it accept my old wallet.dat from the standard peercoin wallet? I’d prefer the standard wallet, but if peerunity will work with my wallet.dat file, I’m not above using it.

Also, will my keys prior to the fork still be good? Thanks!!