New MicroSoul 0.01 Bitcoins for sale

I have been selling physical bitcoins for a while now (since june).
Here is my latest batch of coins of gold plated 0.01 to try spread word to the masses. These coins have a small error in that the manufacturer miss printed microsoul as micrasoul. This can only be seen with a microscope.
I have put my identity on my web site and would like to introduce my self officially here as another physical bitcoin supplier.
My larger coins have the private key engraved on these have the private key printed on a piece of paper.
I generate all the private keys on a Raspberry pi thats never connected on line and either me or my wife insert the private keys.

Here are some pictures I hope you like them :slight_smile:

For 1 of these it is 5 PPC
For 10 or more it is 4 PPC each plus 4PPC shipping so for 100 0.01 bit coins it would be 404 PPC

I will sell them fully funded. PM me for details

My site is still in construction at the moment as my first designer made a mess and he doesn’t have time to correct it. If anyone can reccomend a Web designer that accepts BTC that can help me I would be more than grateful. Until then I can only take orders over the phone, email or PM.

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