[New Merchant] CrownCloud VPS/Hosting are now accepting Peercoins


I’ve been messaging Crown Cloud, a website which offers dedicated servers, shared hosting, and virtual private servers, and they have agreed to accept Peercoins.

Here are their announcements


http://crowncloud.net/ listed at the bottom.

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Might be worth setting up a testnet node on one of their $3.5/month plans

Brilliant work!!! Will see if I can run some servers through them :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys,
I’m SpeedBus from CrownCloud.net, We’re glad to be accepting Peercoin as well :slight_smile: Big thanks to Bagog for contacting us with information about Peercoin.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll answer or email me at speedbus@crowncloud.net/support@crowncloud.net or PM me :slight_smile:


Just purchased a VPS through these guys. Will be running a testnet node on it.

Anyone reviewed CrownCloud VPS?

I’ve only had em a couple of days but they’ve been good so far, really speedy getting it setup