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Introduce yourself to the community here for one of your 2 posts as a reply before starting new thread


Get set up with a Peercoin wallet
Example of a Peercoin Conf file
Guide to setting your POS minting for your Peercoins
Another Guide to setting your POS minting for your Peercoins if locked wallet


Great Explanation of Peercoin I recommend everyone starts by reading this
POS - Proof of Stake discussion
List of sites and Services that accept Peercoins
Developer SunnyKing of Peercoins and Primecoins weekly updates
Few FAQ on Peercoins
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Buy Peercoins

List of exchanges that you can buy Peercoins

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Very useful video guides to help you get setup with your wallet etc

Faucets - Get some free Peercoins

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After I have posted 2 replies, how long until I can start a new post?

Where can I buy Peercoin/Primecoin with USD??

Buy Peercoins

List of exchanges that you can buy Peercoins
should get you started :slight_smile:


I have made a nice “Peercoin Accepted Here” button using the new logo and font. Where is the best place to post it so folks can find it? Can’t seem to add an attachment to my post here, maybe cuz I’m a newbie?

UPDATE: So I added it to my sig below. Feel free to use it on your websites. It’s copylefted, in the public domain. :slight_smile:

Can’t figure out how to use that chat on the front page. :-\ Or do I need to post two messages before I’m able to use that too?

EDIT: Oh now it works…oh well :smiley:

[quote=“Julle313, post:6, topic:718”]Can’t figure out how to use that chat on the front page. :-\ Or do I need to post two messages before I’m able to use that too?

EDIT: Oh now it works…oh well :D[/quote]

Glad to hear your wallet issue is resolved. You were being helped by a volunpeer (purple handle), I’d expect nothing less. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to put ppc in cold storage using something like or
Preferably nothing too technical.

Hi, I have same question as ‘iamfree’ - what’s the easiest way for a dummy to put PPC into cold storage like I have instructions on how to do it for litecoin - does it work the same way? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi iamfree & Jennnifer1111

You can create a PPC paper wallet at Please ensure you are disconnected from the internet when you generate the wallets, and write out the keys by hand so that no trace is left on your printer.

The “Address” field is where you send your balance to, and the “Private Key” field is how you bring the funds back into your online wallet. Importing the private key can be tricky (currently) if you aren’t familiar with the CMD.exe program on your computer, but we expect future versions of the PPC client to have an easier way to import those keys.

Thanks, Me Being Awesome!

But as long as I have address and private key, I can trade it (just tricky for now to bring back into wallet) - right?

p.s. My wallet says “Minting suspended due to locked wallet.” Do you know how I can unlock OR mint while locked?

Thanks again!

do we have to do the conf file ? all that work ?

do we have to do the conf file ? all that work ?[/quote]

i dont know i am new here

Hi, I’m new to PPcoin but not crypto’s
Nice web site and I really like that you have a twitter account

Just posting in this thread as one of my two posts. Need to post about an error I’m receiving from my ppcoind. IMO this isn’t a very good requirement. It only creates more spam when all some of us need to do is post for some help.


New here. Just making one of my first two posts here to say that I have looked through the given information. Looking forward to learning more about PPC.

HI, I’m currently new to ppc but I’m learning a lot with the help of this site, keep it up, thanks.

You need to be Indiana Jones to get into this forum!! : )

Thanks, I was confused as to why I couldn’t create a thread. Why bother with the 2 replies? It’s rather annoying.

Hi everyone!

I am currently mining BTC but having issues mining peercoin. I found this forum through and using ‘cgminer -o’ I keep getting bad url. I have tried every combination I can think of to get the URL right to mine PPC. Anyone able to help me out? Cheers!