New KnCMiner $13,000 USD @ 3TH/s. That's $4.33 per GH

New KnCMiner $13,000 USD @ 3TH/s. That’s $4.33 per GH. Expected to mine 2.1 bitcoin a day!

Neptune is our first 20nm product and will be shipping in Q1/Q2 of 2014.

The stats and performance that we can release today are

Minimum 3000GH/s of hashing speed that 3TH Over 5 times the speed of our first Jupiter release 
   (we reserve the right to increase this as we get closer to shipment)
A 30% reduction in watts per GH
Based on the existing Jupiter design (See photo, however this may change as development progresses)
Shipment begins in Q1/Q2 of 2014
Bitcoins first ever 20nm miner bought to you form the company who shipped the first 28nm bitcoin miner
Limited batch of 1200 units, 
Payment for this product is bitcoins and bank transfer only.
All refunds will be refunded in dollars and you can refund up to shipment
Shipment begins in Q1/Q2 of 2014

What they aren’t mentioning is that this is for the second batch, at least 30 days after the first is released :confused:

So… what you are saying is that, by the time this is out, the profitability will be way lower…

That’s the risk. On the other hand, if the Jupiters are any indication, the resale value for a Neptune could be huge. I’m sure there is a positive ROI on the Neptune, the question is, at 3TH/s, with a bunch of hash rate dumped on the network for 30 days, how much profit will be available for you to take. Before the next-next-generation is released (which you know is coming)

Plus the x-3 will be coming out Feb/March and that will be a lot of hashing right there.

They look like nice units and we can expect more than 3 TH/s if the other KNC miners are anything to go by!

I have two Neptures on pre-order (first batch expecting delivery in March) and my plan is to sell one then mine with the other.

I think the days of 100% + diff jumps are over on Bitcoin, it becomes increasingly difficult to get the large percentage jumps the higher the numbers go. Going from 1 PH/s to 5 PH/s is a 400% increase but going from 5 PH/s to 9 PH/s is only an 80% increase.

I’ve done my models on 80% increases for the next 6 months, but I expect by late Feb / March we will be in the 40-50% jump territory if not lower.

Of course this also depends on what Peercoin does as that has the potential to attract a lot of the hashing power.

Nox, if the odds work in my favor over the next couple of months, let me know when your “for sale” unit comes in, and what you want for it. :slight_smile:

Can I Peercoin mining by this KnCMiner? or KnCMiner is only for bitcoin? ;D

Yes you can peercoin mine with this device as Peercoin is SHA256 same hashing algorithm as bitcoin…
HOWEVER if you are asking this question… you should NOT be looking to start mining… just buy the coins if you believe in peercoin. Mining is a technical debugging and 24/7 experience that requires time, electricity, a good buy deal that delivers in time, understanding of difficulty adjustments.


thank you very much^^