New guy with very less knowlegde of all - but i like to learn

Hi there,

i like peercoin, because it is fair and good buildt. my first question is, do i need to be online with it, for reaching the 90 days before the ability is given for minting? the next question could be, is there any good description, a step by step introduction, how to make a scrypt for using gpr and cpu mining without having an asic but plenty of time, and what about of all this ports and this strange things only a progger might get known about it. Sure i am not this normal star wars liking nerd, who believes in the force and the great thense of crypto, but i am a honest man, who like to know more and want to learn all about it. maybe someone has the patience and the confidence in me, to teach me and tell me how it works. Thx to this people, the rest, who might laugh about my idiotic and naive posting, i d like to tell, dont respond, we all were small and without knowledge, but we grow up and never stop asking, i hope. very thanks, with best regards.


you dont have to spend the time online to reach 90 days, you can just wait for it (on or offline)
dont bother cpu or gpu mining, difficulty has reached high level so you need ASICS now to mine

thank you very much. do you think, that a used asics, which you can buy for 200 Dollars, is a good device? i am tired of scams and high cost for maintance etc, so that i have decided to run my own rig, i don´t want to get rich, but some coins more, is more than less…

depends on your electricity cost, i think it is not worth the effort tho

i know this problem, but would you think, sounds strange i know, when i would like to use for electricity problem the power of water, by using a river, like a mill capacity in former days. two problems known, the stability of power generation true, and what happens to the nature, when i am using water to cool down the equipment. even how to safe the energie in a akku is connected with problems, too. but as far i can think, does a man have dreams and if someboby sees the opportunity to realize this, i would happily say hello and lets do this!

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