New guy on the block

Hiya all. I’m new to the mining scene. I tried getting into it a while ago when there were far less crypto-currencies, but I digress. From what I’m seeing, this Primecoin mining could be the easiest for me to get into. I’m currently running the program, but not sure how fast I’m really accumulating or if I’m even making money haha. While I am new to mining, I’m no stranger to hardware specs, so I’m currently running an AMD FX-8150, which I could easily overclock. I’m more or less just looking for some advice, should I overclock? Also, is there any GPU miners out there for XPMs? I would like to actually make some side money off of this little project, and then hopefully turn it around for better equipment down the road. Any advice would be welcome. And please, if your only advice is to buy coins, don’t bother typing it, because I’m looking to jump on this ship one way or the other haha.

Are you mining Primecoins or Peercoins? I understood that i mine prime coins by using the cgminer with the d7 peer coin pool.

The D7 Pool is only capable of consolidating hash to mine peercoins (and from what I can tell, a large number of those who pool their resources are set up with ASICs, vs. GPUs). If you would like to mine Primecoins using a CPU, there are other pools available, like B(e^5)

Ok, now that I got a better grasp on all of this, basically I currently am setup with 5 of the $5 dollar servers from Digital ocean, each pushing around .25 ch/d and roughly 500ish primes/s. I then have my gaming PC at home which is pushing 1.5 area ch/d, and 2700-2800 primes/s. Does this sound like a decent setup? Should I try to expand at all? Digital ocean totally shot me down on moving to 10 droplets, and they caught on to me making a second account, so they are not longer an option. They are starting to crack down on miners :frowning: