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I try not to do this but please donate even a fraction of a Peercoin at PWdTek2H4dzqA2UyYns9viCkX8gheXAdpd It would really make my day/week/month/year

I donated a fraction! I need to see if my peercoin wallet is working anyway. Let me know if you get it.

Good Day


I’m newbie.


Hello! I’m new here! I also have a problem, and I really need some help! About a month ago I visited to inform myself about peercoin! Then I open a wallet on and deposited some peercoins I bought from vircurex! Now I want to transfer my peercoins to my peerunity desktop wallet, and I can’t do it! Every time I send payment it says error transaction failed! It’s not much is about 8ppc I have in that wallet, but I don’t want to lose them! what am I doing wrong or what shoul I do?

Can anyone help me please? thans

Hey ionstanciu89,

Firstly welcome to peercointalk :slight_smile:

Next I must say. Please hold all of your cryptocurrencies on your desktop pc rather than a web wallet. It is the same as leaving money on an eBay account. If you do not have sole control of the wallet, consider it compromised.

Fortunately you are only talking about 8ppc so currently not playing with life savings etc also please research the exchange u buy your crypto through, vircurex were apparently hacked and lost customers btc and Ltc and to this day they have still not been refunded.

I have not used the wallet you describe but post a link to it and I can investigate later.


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Hi there,

Where are the coins currently residing?

Also, what version of Peerunity are you running on your desktop?

hello all i’m new here :smiley:

hey guys i am new to this forum been working with ppc for a awhile now but decided to get a littel more involed and get more in cotnact with the commuinte for ppc

I just made some peercoin donation to PWdTek2H4dzqA2UyYns9viCkX8gheXAdpd

Not much however

Donated to a topicstarter as well

Me too just started…I am downloading the wallet…its almost a day now still at 50% sync. I am also not sure how to start mining coins. I am looking for a mining pool. Any functioning ones?

hi to all guys,
PeerBox you can install on win 10?
thank you :wink:

No, Peerbox runs only on top of Debian Linux. That can be server, but most of people run it on Raspberry Pi.

[member=31597]gaiard[/member] I recommend that you use the latest Peerunity (version 0.2.2 ) on Windows:

hello. hope i can get some help here.

thank you, I become the interesting peercoin network node,
thank you