New Guide to perfomance Cores versus Threads Etc

Hello everyone thanks for posting this forum and allowing us to discuss XPM and how to mine it.

I have some access to different PC’s and CPU’s. I am in the business so we see many CPU’s with different specs. I am also currently mining XPM in multiple data centers.
I would like to post performance of these CPU’s based on one miner software version and baseline switches.

I don’t understand alot of this at very technical levels as many of you are so please be patient :slight_smile:

My first question is a total newb question and I hope it helps others. I am running jhPrimeMiner-X16. It is running fine but how do I see what performance I am getting?
Typically with the XPM wallet I would look at the switches and get different statistics that way. Once JH is running via a batch file how do you get the stats?

My second question is what are the best stats to look at? I know there is a differences in opinion on this but general speaking.

I am mainly going to compare older Xeon CPU with many threads versus newer Xeon CPU with less threads but faster clock speed.

Thanks in advance

Nobody! >:(

PPS and chains/hour probably. I’ve only got 1 XPM after a few days with an AMD quadcore Phenom 9850 with Primeminer 32.

I used to go off PPS and now look at chainsperday. I was still waiting for you to post the numbers from your various XPM miners across many data centers.

My setup 41 nodes, 63k PPS, 31 chains per day.