New guardian article


here peercoin is mentioned but its our fault that it doesn’t mention steady inflation and unlimited supply of coins.

this doesn’t make it more interesting to the reader to invest. and its our fault cause its not mentioned on the website and of course journalists go to the website to read about a coin.

its now or never. please as I have said in other threads, put all properties visible for this excellent coin. why hide them?? are we shy???

I think thus is a sign adoption and speculation is driving peercoin faster than we can develop or produce the required information.

We will get there with time, and the price rise drives the insensitive to do the work further, but agreed we need to get things like this cleared up etc.

How would we have looked as a community say 2 months ago, hats off to jbt especially for bringing activists together but this is the feedback we now need to act upon quickly so better information is spread further and these kind of articles will really start to change the way peercoin is portrayed when articles like such come our.


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Are there 3 more main features that can be written up to go under the existing 3 to make it more even? Steady inflation/unlimited supply and what else?

more resistant to 51% attack, eco

We already have those up there, anything else?

put those asap and we think about the rest later…its getting crazy with the btc-e->usd pair and ppl will mass click on the site!

don’t care so much about proper alignment, this is critical!