New Forum board headings

A few comments on the new Forum headings. Essentially, I feel there seems to be a lot of duplication:

The Peercoin Activist Board competes with the board for PR, Marketing, swarm and social media etc. Do we need both? If not, I suggest retiring the PR, Marketing, swarm, etc. board. “Peercoin Activist” is a self-explanatory title

Regarding “Forums/Chat, Web development & mining development “, I suggest re-titling this to Web, Forum and Mining development

Regarding Development Discussion, I think this falls half-way between the Activist Board and the above mentioned Web, Forum, etc. development board. Suggest retiring it

Ditto, the Mining and Pools overlaps with the Web, Forum & Mining development board. Do we need both?

But there are two new boards that could usefully be introduced: Technical support, such as help on wallets, mining, etc (as distinct from development)

And, in between the Welcome Board and the General Discussion, I suggest a controlled thread (no posts by general users) dedicated to Sunny’s weekly updates. All weekly updates should be included, from number 1 onwards

Hope these comments are useful

Just so you know, those boards aren’t new. They were are located in a different section of the forum, the Peercoin Activist Section, but they were barely getting any activity, so I asked Fuzzy to move them up with the rest of the boards yesterday. Maybe it would be best to merge several of them though. Here are my thoughts…

  • I agree with merging the main activist board and the PR/Marketing board. They’re pretty much the same topic if you think about it.

  • Development Discussion is reserved for threads about the client, features, mobile apps, etc… so I don’t really think we should get rid of that. Maybe the board title should be more specific, like what kind of development it’s talking about.

  • The Forums/Chat board I think should just be titled Web Design & Development and only make it about topics like that. Remove the Mining Development in the title and move those topics into Mining & Pools.

  • Rather than creating a new board for Technical support, incorporate it into the Welcome Board. Just retitle it Welcome Board - Technical Support. Usually people go to the welcome board for their problems anyway. Just make it official.

  • We actually do have a thread for Sunny’s weekly updates here…

Is there a way to make this thread appear next to the other boards so it’s more visible?

I agree with all of that, and have the following further thoughts:

Perhaps the word “newbie” could be added to the Welcome Board; so “Welcome Board - Newbie & Technical Support”

I like the idea of putting all the mining issues on Board, rather than have mining overlap two boards. Do we want to make it “mining and minting”? As proof of work declines, we can switch the words around (“minting and mining”) - and, when the switch to proof of stake is complete, reduce the board title to just minting

With regards to Web Design & Development, is that Website Design & Development, or do we mean more than the website?

I was aware of the Sunny update thread, but feel it should have “front page” visibility/prominence, as it is the single most important thread

I think the idea of changing the forum names is nice and I think it should be done asap .